Why the AAF is Great for the NFL

By no means is the AAF a threat to the NFL rather, it can help the NFL. Here’s why:

The Alliance of American Football League (AAF) is only two weeks into its inaugural season and is already a hit.

Football fans are enjoying watching the game they love with both the NFL and college football season’s are over.

The AAF’s ratings have been through the roof. More people tuned in to watch the AAF’s opening night on February 9th then the Rockets-Thunder NBA game played during the same time slot.

Thus, the question floating around of late has been is the AAF a threat to the NFL?

The answer to this question is simple. A resounding no.

In fact, the NFL can only benefit from the AAF’s success.

The AAF’s primary mission is to help players make it back or make it to the NFL. Thus, the season wraps up in June, so its players can sign NFL contracts and be ready for NFL training camp.

A big reason why fans love the AAF outside of it simply being football is some of the names they rooted for in the NFL are attempting to work their way back.

Names such as Trent Richardson, Zac Stacey, Zach Mettenberger and Matt Asiata that flashed potential of greatness in the NFL and became fan favorites have found a way to re-introduce themselves.

No one in the AAF’s ultimate goal is to stay there. Every single player on all eight rosters have dreams of playing NFL football come this fall.

Thus, NFL teams will get the chance to pick and chose from the AAF’s top performers and give their fan bases a familiar face and story to root for.

NFL franchises will get to market these players and hype up their stories of being AAF successes turned NFL hopefuls.

The NFL should be thankful for the AAF. The new league is going to provide the NFL with more talent to chose from, let them find a fan favorite and create marketing opportunities.

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