Lil Pump to Give Commencement Address at Harvard University… or is He?

Could an 18-year-old rapper be giving a Harvard commencement address?

On Monday morning the rapper Lil Pump and his record label, Warner Bros. sent shockwaves throughout the news waves. The duo sent out a press release saying that the 18-year-old rapper from Miami would be giving the commencement address at Harvard’s graduation.

The rapper recently dropped an album called “Harverd Dropout.” The album is a play on the running joke on the internet that he dropped out of Harvard to “save the rap game.”

In the press release, Lil Pump is quoted as saying “You don’t gotta graduate from Harvard to do this speech, I dropped out, so they called me like they called the guy that made Windows and PCs and shit before I was born. You just need a cap and gown, which I got. When I found out, I was happy to give everyone a lesson. I’m all about the youth. Yes, they are the future. This is a preview of my speech, one word: ESSKEETIT!!!!!!” 

His label says that Harvard officials “handpicked” him to be the “youngest commencement speaker in history.”

The school had previously stated that German Chancellor Angela Merkel would be the commencement speaker.

While this rumor of Lil Pump replacing a world leader was spreading around the internet, Harvard officials were silent. But the radio station, “WHRB Harvard Radio” announced that he would be the speaker.

Pump the Brakes

This is where Harvard ended all hopes of seeing an 18-year-old rapper who is famous for saying “Gucci Gang” over and over again give a commencement speech to a bunch of Ivy League graduates. 

Harvard broke their silence on the issue telling The Hill “As previously announced, Angela Merkel will be Harvard’s Commencement 2019 speaker.

This was all one massive troll to get people talking about Lil Pump and his new album, and well… it worked.

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