Best Sports Personalities to Follow on Twitter

A mixed bag of athletes, analysts, and reporters, these people provide a wealth of entertainment for the everyday sports fan.

Chad Johnson (@ochocinco)

The former NFL wide receiver is VERY active on Twitter. His tweets often include posts about McDonald’s, FIFA, and his famous “Spot a flaw” replies. He also likes referencing his 85 kids, as well as Rihanna’s feet. For a good laugh and an occasional insightful comment on the NFL, Chad is a great follow.

Kirk Herbstreit(@KirkHerbstreit)

One of college football’s leading analysts and commentators, Kirk provides some great insight on the CFB world. The best reason to follow him, though, is his constant clapback at haters who try to call him out for anything from bias toward Ohio State to bias against Ohio State. Also, he has two super beautifuldogs.

Marcus Stroman(@MStrooo6)

Stroman is a starting pitcher for the Blue Jays, and I don’t know if you’ll find a more positive guy out there. At just 5’7”, Marcus was told his whole life that he wouldn’t make it. In 2017, he won the World Baseball Classic MVP, and he’s been nothing but grateful since then for all the opportunities he’s been given. If you need a pick-me-up or some encouragement, he’s always got you covered.

Jay Bilas(@JayBilas)

Bilas reminds me of Herbstreit, but for college basketball. He’s quick-witted, popular, and insightful. He starts off every morning with his daily rap, ending with “I gotta go to work.” Every. Single. Day. He is also very adamant about paying NCAA athletes, often saying “There’s just not enough money…” ironically. Any sports fan, especially a CBB follower, would benefit from giving Jay a follow.

Lane Kiffin(@Lane_Kiffin)

Lane “Joey Freshwater” Kiffin is one of the most entertaining coaches in college football. Unlike at Bama, FAU allows him to be himself, and we’re all grateful for it. He is constantly recruiting on Twitter, using his famous tagline “Come to the #faU.” Most recently, he tried to recruit  the 15-year-old girl who went viral for bench pressing 315 lbs. A bold strategy, Lane. I’m sure she’d make a great addition to the Owls football team.

Rachel Nichols(@Rahchel__Nichols)

Most of us know Nichols from her days reporting on SportsCenter. She was always one of the best on-site reporters in the game. She has now transitioned into hosting ESPN’s The Jump, an NBA discussion show that airs daily. On Twitter, Rachel is actively involved in NBA conversations, highlights, and breaking news; however, she will offer reactions to big stories from other sports as well.

John Daly(@PGA_JohnDaly)

Daly is one of the most iconic athletes in PGA history. From his Hooter’s sponsorship to his donut-infused workouts, Daly’s loud personality shines on Twitter. As a bonus, who could forget his elite warm-up routine?

Caffeine + Nicotine = Protein 💯💪— John Daly (@PGA_JohnDaly) February 20, 2019

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