NFL: Ranking the AFC North Quarterbacks

The AFC North is now one of the more loaded divisions in the NFL. With a Hall of Fame Quarterback on the back end of his career, and young guns looking to make a name for themselves, where does each starting Quarterback in the AFC North rank?

Rankings are based on last year’s performance and are subject to change early in the 2019 NFL Regular Season.

1. Ben Roethlisberger

Even though Roethlisberger has exited his prime for good, he can still display a little bit of magic. He is still a good enough Quarterback to make a deep playoff run and even win a Super Bowl, if the circumstances are good enough.

With this being said, Big Ben still comes in at first as the best Quarterback in the AFC North for now. Last year, Big Ben led the whole league in total passing yards(5,129), 5th in total touchdowns(34, led AFC North), 12th in completion percentage(67%, led NFC North), led the league in yard/G, and 4th in total QBR.

Big Ben struggles with interceptions, but when he’s on, he’s still the best in the AFC North and one of the best in the NFL.

2. Baker Mayfield

Mayfield started off last year on the bench until Tyrod Taylor went down to injury. The Heisman came in and absolutely shined for the rest of the season and displayed flashes of greatness. This gunslinger contributed big time to removing the clown stereotype from the Browns.

Mayfield led them to their most wins since 2014. The former college walk-on finished 17th in total yards(3,725), 11th in touchdowns(27th), and finished top 15 in yards per attempt. These numbers are pretty good for a rookie. Keep in mind that Mayfield played in only 14 games. Look for those numbers to increase greatly after the additions of Odell Beckham Jr. and Kareem Hunt.

3. Lamar Jackson

We only got a small sample size of what to expect from Jackson next year in terms of throwing the ball. We all know he can run for days. Jackson only attempted 170 passes in seven starts, completing 99 of those. However, his record as a starting Quarterback is currently standing at 6-1.

The Ravens lost to the Chargers after failing to complete one of the best playoff comebacks in recent memory. If Jackson can develop into an accurate thrower, he’ll be one of the most feared Quarterbacks to ever go up against adding in his athleticism.

With the season’s conclusion, the Ravens traded Joe Flacco to the Broncos. This could only mean one thing. Jackson is the Quarterback of the future for John Harbaugh.

4. Andy Dalton

We all know that Dalton is a very good Quarterback. Dalton’s season was cut short at 11 games with an injury. He wasn’t having a spectacular season by any means, but the Bengals were still in search of a playoff spot before he went out. He’ll be staying at four, for the time being.

This is because we don’t yet know what we’re going to get from Dalton when he makes his return. Dalton has been selected to the Pro Bowl in three different seasons, so we all know what he can be. That being said, he most likely won’t stay at four once a few weeks go by next season.

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