NBA: Top 10 Dunks of the Year

NBA fans are spoiled year after year getting to watch what the high-flyers of the league have to offer us when it comes to dunks. Nothing has changed this year as the dunks have been nothing short of spectacular. From LeBron James to James Harden to Russell Westbrook, it’s been amazing to see what they’re capable of once again. Who supplied the craziest dunks of the season this year?

10. LeBron’s Laker Debut

In the long anticipated debut of LeBron James in the purple in gold, he scored his first four points off back-to-back jams to rock Portland.

9. DSJ Baptizes Julius Randle

The 6’3″ Dennis Smith Jr. makes a quick cut to the basket and rises up for a slam. He is clobbered in the air by Julius Randle as Jr. slams it on Randle’s head for the and-one.

8. Freak Strikes Again

We couldn’t possibly make a top-10 dunk list without Giannis Antetokounmpo could we? Nope, that’s not happening. The Greek Freak comes off a simple screen where he glides to the rim. Giannis uses to 7’3″ wingspan to dunk all over his former teammate, Jon Leuer.

7. The Flying Beard

When we think of James Harden, we think of deep-contested threes and ankles breaking. However, he has just as much bounce as he does shooting ability. He gets past Lonzo Ball, who is a great defender, with a quick jab step. Harden then leaps into the air to posterize JaVale McGee, who is known as a good shot blocker.

6. Freak Destroyer

Jaylen Brown is known for his “bounce-ability”. Here, Brown uses that ability to take on Giannis Antetokounmpo at the rim. After driving past Malcom Brogdon, Jaylen put on his moon shoes before taking off. After being met by the Greek Freak, Brown cocks back the ball and tomahawk dunks it all over the MVP candidate.

5. Battle of the Lottery Teams

In the fierce competition for Zion Williamson, the Cavs and Hawks still managed to create one of the best plays of the year. The whole Cavs team forgot to block out John Collins after a three point shot. Of course they did. Collins makes them pay by jumping over two different Cavalier players to embarrass them.

4. Vice Night Highlight

Young Derrick Jones Jr. has been displaying his incredible vertical all year long. This might be his best work yet. Jr. drives past the smaller D.J. Augustine, then approaches the big Nikola Vucevic. Jr. takes a two footed leap into what seemed like space. As Vucevic challenges, he immediately regrets it at Derrick Jones Jr. is head and shoulders above him, jamming it down on his head to bring Miami to life.

3. Beal Destroys Mejri

Bradley Beal has hardly been known to put anybody on a poster. In fact, he is known mainly as a shooter. Is there a better way to prove your hops to the world than to dunk on one of the tallest players in the NBA? Salah Mejri was on the receiving end of this nasty slam. Beal easily gets past Tim Hardaway Jr. and meets the 7’1″ Dallas Maverick at the rim for the highlight.

2. Bow to the Brow

The best big man in the league, Anthony Davis, one again proves why he is the best. Jarrett Allen is one of the best rim protectors in the NBA. Allen has so many trophy blocks in his case and was looking for another blockbuster moment in his career against Davis. After catching the ball at the top of the key, Davis drives into the paint uncontested. Allen challenges Davis in air, but Davis proved to big and to long for the former Texas big man.

1. Too Much Ross

Barring that something insane could happen with the handful of games each NBA team has left, the best dunk of the 2018-2019 NBA Regular Season goes to Terrance Ross. His dunk was an absolute masterpiece that couldn’t have been created better in a studio. Ross catches the ball in the corner and makes a quick move around Malik Monk. The former Washington star leaps from his side of the rim, but notices Nikola Vucevic attempting to block him. Ross then does a windmill onto the other side of the rim and jams it in beautifully.

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