WWE: A WrestleMania to Remember

MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey will never be the same again. Over 82 thousands screaming, excited fans from across the world flooded MetLife for a night to remember. Fairy tales stories came true. Personal rivalries became physical and hardcore. Every moment was special and iconic. That’s why it is called the grandest stage of them all.


Takeaways From the Historic Night

WrestleMania was a historic night for wrestling fans and superstars across the world. If you can make it to this night, it is life changing. Titles changed hands. The women were the main eventers. All eras came together for WrestleMania 35.

1. No PG Night

In a era where the women are being showcased more and more, WWE were still trying to keep things PG rated and family-friendly. That went out the door for Mania. Two out the 12-match main card for Mania were centered around personal rivalries.

Falls count anywhere

Shane McMahon and The Miz got it on at MetLife Stadium. A falls count anywhere match where these two were allow to fight all over the stadium and they did. From the ring to the ring side on the announce table. The Miz’s father getting involved and beaten by Shane. Over to the crown and all the way through the entire international commentary section. Shane going through one of those tables and then being thrown off the set to the lower level. If you’re having some flashbacks, good, because it was ruthless. It even got to a point when Shane and The Miz were 15 feet high up on the set. A moment nobody will ever forget, a suplex from 15 feet from The Miz to Shane McMahon, but somehow, someway, Shane McMahon landed on top of The Miz for the ONE, TWO, THREE. A McMahon wins at Mania.

no holds barred, career match

A real personal rivalry that spans back to the early 2000s. A rivalry that led a movie star to attack his former mentor on his 70th birthday just to get to someone else. Hatred that showed itself months before on SmackDown 1000 by the way of Evolution. A rivalry that made someone put their career on the line just to service someone justice.

Triple H against Batista and it was definitely not PG folks. Tool box came to play. Triple H was trying to destroy Batista for his actions against Ric Flair. He tried to break Batista’s hand using one tool and he pull Batista’s nose ring out using another tool. This not PG, we are getting hardcore in 2019. Dropping each other on announce tables that would not break. Spearing each on a third announce table that did break. Using steel steps to powerbomb and DDT each other on. But at the end of it all, a sledgehammer would be the difference. With the assist from the Nature Boy himself, Triple H with the sledgehammer in hand and running off the steps, dropped Batista for the pinfall victory.

The Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era were at Mania. And speaking of the Ruthless Aggression Era, The Doctor of Thuganomics, John Cena made an appearance to the chagrin of Elias. Word Life!

Title Changes

WrestleMania had 16 matches in all including the Kickoff Show. Nine of those matches involved titles. Seven of them changed hands including the main event which we will get to later.

universal championship

Talk about kicking off the main show with a blast. The Universal Championship opened the WrestleMania show. Brock Lesnar defending against Seth Rollins out the gate. Well most of the match was fought before the actually match started. Brock Lesnar just slinging Rollins left and right outside of the ring. A F5 to cap it off before the bell rung officially. Brock is leaving with title again…NOT! Rollins took three trips to Suplex City before the tide changed quickly. A low blow to Lesnar with the ref not in position to see and Rollins began to burn it down. Not one. Not two. THREE Curb Stomps to Lesnar, SETH FREAKIN ROLLINS, the new Universal champion.

Kickoff Show Surprises

There were four matches on the Kickoff Show. Two of them were for titles and they both changed hands surprisingly.

205 Live is no longer in the reign of Murphy’s Law. The first of the entire evening came for the Cruiserweights of 205 Live. Buddy Murphy defended against his former best friend in The Premier Athlete, Tony Nese. With a knee to face connection, Tony Nese became the new Cruiserweight champion. 205 Live is now in the Premier Age.

The third match of the Kickoff Show saw the Raw Tag Team Titles defended when The Revival went against Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. The longest losing streak in modern day is at WrestleMania??? Curt Hawkins had lost 269 consecutive matches until Mania. That’s right, Curt Hawkins ended this historic losing streak by becoming the new Raw Tag Team champions.

This is just the Kickoff Show, what’s going to happen on the main card?

Well a DEMON showed up for the Intercontinental Championship. Good try Bobby Lashley.


If you do something so long eventually you should the best at it. If you do everything asked of you and you never complained, you should get the opportunities to be the best. This is the story of Kofi Kingston and his wrestling career with WWE. 11 YEARS! Kofi Kingston has done everything asked of him in WWE. Kofi Kingston never complained about being overlooked, undervalued, and underappreciated. But he had to wait 11 years to finally get a one-on-one opportunity for the WWE Championship?

Ironically, on the hand other side of this storyline was Daniel Bryan. If you know the story behind this feud, then you know the irony of this. Kofi Kinston is a B+ player, interesting. An authority figure screwing Kofi out of every opportunity for the title, I’ve seen this before. Oh yeah, Daniel Bryan against The Authority in 2016. Wait a minute, Daniel Bryan is the WWE Championship while Kofi Kingston is getting screwed over. If you know how 2016 ended for Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania, you know how this feud ended at WrestleMania.


3. Women Shine Bright

Even though there were 16 total matches, only three of them featured the women. Despite that, however, the women took the spotlight.

For starters, the Women’s Battle Royale saw a princess win in Carmella. The Princess of Staten Island representing for the New York/New Jersey area on the Kickoff Show. The Goddess Alexa Bliss was the hosted of WrestleMania. The night before at the Hall of Fame, the Ninth Wonder of the World, Chyna was inducted to the Hall of Fame with D-Generation X.

IIconic Moment

Only two women matches made the main card, but both of them had moments. First up was the Women’s Tag Team Championship. A fatal 4-way match where Boss N Hug Connection (Sasha Banks and Bayley), the champs against The Samoan Slaughter House (Nia Jax and Tamina), The IIconics (Peyton Royce and Billie Kay), and Natalya and Hall of Famer, Beth Phoenix. Fatal 4-ways are so difficult for a champion. They don’t even have to be involved to lose their titles.

Well surprisingly enough, earlier in the evening, The Usos had to defend their SD Live Tag Team Titles in a fatal 4-way match. Let’s say that the SD Live Tag Division is still on lock down with The Usos retaining. There’s hope for Boss N Hug. Problem is, they wasn’t IIconic for this. The IIconics. Yes, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, the lone SD Live women’s tag team, walked out as the new Women Tag Team champions. Simply IIconic.

Historic Winner Take All main event

Everything from the Kickoff Show at 5PM to about midnight on the east coast led to the historic match of the night. For the first time ever in all 35 years of WrestleMania, the women were the Main Event. You could not ask for a better match to be the first. Winner Take All Triple Threat Match. Ronda Rousey, Raw Women’s Champion. Charlotte Flair, SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. And The Man, Beck Lynch. Someone is closing WrestleMania as both the Raw and SD Live Women’s champion.

Rumors had it that Ronda was leaving to start a family, but Ronda never say anything so everything is in the air. Everybody wanted to what Charlotte was bring to the table. Only the SD Live Women’s Championship, is that enough for you people? That would just leave, The Man, Becky Lynch. Won the Royal Rumble match, got stripped from Mania, got suspended, returned, beat Charlotte by DQ, and now you’re in the main event of WrestleMania. The stakes have never been higher in women’s wrestling.

Each of these three women are all deserving of the being champion, but only one can leave with all the gold.

Double armbars being applied. Double powerbombs being executed. Ronda tossing Becky. Charlotte kneeing Ronda. Becky dropping Charlotte. Charlotte Spanish Flying Becky from the top rope. Ronda and Becky hip tossing Charlotte through a table in the corner.

But a reverse of Piper’s Pit into a surprising pinfall, we had our winner.


The fun isn’t over yet because the Raw and SD Live after Mania begins the season of wrestling and WWE.

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