What Now For Manchester United?

Manchester United is now out of the 2018/19 Champions League tournament. Suffering the elimination at the hands of Barcelona in humiliating fashion, the dark clouds continue to hang over the Red Devils. For the first time in their history, M. United lost on aggregate by four or more goals.

What began as a sweet start for the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer era has turned sour. For the first time since 1999, M. United has lost four consecutive away matches in all competitions. Furthermore, rumor has it that the relationship between Solskjaer and Paul Pogba has already begun detoriating.

At this point, there’s only one thing left M. United has that’s worth fighting four; a chance to qualify for next year’s Champions League. In order to be guaranteed a spot in next year’s tournament, they have to finish in the top three in the Premier League. That being said, M. United can’t afford anymore losses.

M. United next three games are against Everton, Chelsea, and Manchester City. With nothing to lose, M. United has to find a way to miraculously pull through in their next three games. At the same time, they need to hope that Tottenham and Arsenal be denied wins in their coming Premier League games. Same thing with Chelsea. In other words, M. United needs to rely on luck.

M. United is stuck in sixth place with five Premier League games left to play. M. United may require 12 points in order to finish in the top three. Regardless of their odds to finish in third place, they need to finish their remaining games with positive results. In other words, they might as well go down swinging.

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