NFL: Top 5 Quarterbacks in the 2019 Draft

The 2018 NFL Draft boasted one of the best groups of draft-eligiblee quarterbacks from the past couple years. The class ended up with five quarterbacks being taken in the first round. This year’s draft class is less impressive than last year’s. However, this class could still produce franchise quarterbacks in the next couple of years.

5. Will Grier, West Virginia

Grier is definitely one of the most accurate quarterbacks in this class. He’s not afraid to hit tight windows because he knows he can do it accurately. His speed isn’t the best he’s quick enough to extend a play if it begins to break down and he needs to. However, Grier is still pretty raw overall. With the right coaching staff, he can succeed. He has the right skill set. It’s just a matter of taking those skills and putting them all together when it comes to Grier.

4. Dwayne Haskins, Ohio St

Haskins has a couple glaring issues. His pocket presence is one of the best in the class and his movement in the pocket is great. However, when pressure does come at him, he looks to get a little antsy and sporadic. This wasn’t amplified in college with the competition he was facing but in the NFL, it is essential to deliver passes under pressure. His screen pass is also ugly. He tries to throw those ones too quick and they end up sailing away from his target.

3. Daniel Jones, Duke

Jones has a lot to like in his game. He can make just about any throw he’s asked to. He is comfortable under pressure and can deliver accurate passes in the face of pressure. However, the issue with Jones lies in his mechanics. Jones’s footwork is a big issue for him and it’s not a huge deal because that is something that can be taught in the pros but mechanics can always take a while to master. While Jones doesn’t seem like a Day 1 starter, he can definitely learn and develop into a quality quarterback.

2. Drew Lock, Missouri

Lock is a polarizing figure simply because of his numbers but those who “box score scout” Lock are missing out on a quality player. He seems like he’ll be a quarterback in the pros who throws a lot of interceptions but can still be a talented player. He’s not afraid to try and fit the ball into tight windows but that can always backfire for anyone. Also, Lock improved with this during his senior year but every throw is the same with him. He doesn’t know how to put touch on the ball and that’s something that will be very important in the NFL.

1. Kyler Murray, Oklahoma

Murray is a very talented quarterback. He looks relaxed and can deliver the ball under pressure. He’s accurate. Mobility and speed are definite which isn’t necessary but it’s definitely a plus. He’s just a fundamentally sound quarterback and it’s hard to make the argument that anyone else is the best in this class. There is one issue that sticks out with Murray. On some of his best throws, the play took a while to develop. He won’t have all the time in the world to throw the ball in the NFL and he needs to get rid of those passes quicker. The tools are all there.

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