NBA: 5 Players who need to Demand a Trade

NBA trades don’t happen just because there is a rift or hard feelings between an organization and a superstar. Trades can happen caused by the failure of the organization to assemble a contending team around their center pieces. With this being said, which players need to demand a trade into a better situation ASAP?

5. Bradley Beal

For the past three years, Bradley Beal has been nothing short of sensational for the nation’s capitol. With that, the Washington Wizards have gotten worse and worse over that span. Some of that being due to John Wall’s injuries, and the franchise failing to put good pieces around the duo.

This past year was Beal’s best season yet but failed to make the playoffs as Wall went down. That injury may mean Wall might not even make an appearance in the 2019-2020 season. That being said, the Wizards should miss the playoffs once again. This duo has been proven to fail over and over. Now, there is no reason that Beal shouldn’t get himself out of Washington.

4. Paul George

Paul George made the controversial decision to return to Oklahoma City alongside Russell Westbrook. George said that he had “unfinished business” with OKC. That turns out to be pretty ironic as the Portland Trailblazers are on the verge of bouncing the Thunder out of the first round in five games.

Westbrook scored a grand total of 1 point in game 4 against the Trailblazers and was a big reason the Thunder lost. As OKC prepares to be bounced once again in the first round, George needs to strongly consider what he sees in the future with this team as Billy Donovan will surely be fired in the offseason.

3. Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker is the only reason for the relevance of the Charlotte Hornets franchise, and should also be the reason they aren’t relevant for a long time. To put it nicely, the front office has done an absolutely pathetic job of putting talent around Kemba to make a competitive team. To put it into perspective, the best teammate Walker has ever had is either Al Jefferson or Nicolas Batum. This has translated to losing season after losing season no matter how good Walker continues to be. The All-Star point guard deserves a lot better than what he has been getting.

2. Devin Booker

Devin Booker always had promise to be a good player in the NBA, but he destroyed those expectations quick. Booker is now one of the best young players the NBA has to offer. Since being drafted in the 2015 NBA Draft, the Phoenix Suns have failed to reach the 25-win mark. In 2016, Phoenix took Dragan Bender with the fourth pick, who has been nothing but a bust thus far in his career. The Suns took Josh Jackson with the fourth pick as well in the 2017 draft, who has had his ups and downs so far in two years.

Last year, the Suns took DeAndre Ayton with the first pick. Ayton had a solid rookie outing, but the franchise managed to win the least amount of games since their debut season back in 1968. It’s looking to be a never-ending cycle for Book as the Suns keep getting top-5 picks in the draft, but not going anywhere.

1. Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis has formally requested a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans but has failed to DEMAND a trade from them, which is exactly what he needs to do this offseason. Davis has been with the franchise since 2012, and their best finish is losing in the Western Conference semi-finals last year. The front office did a great job of nabbing Jrue Holiday and DeMarcus Cousins to go alongside Davis.

However, New Orleans failed to keep Cousins as he signed with the Warriors. The Pelicans comfortably missed the playoffs this year, and things aren’t looking to get better for The Brow. Davis is the best big man in the league but has been failed by his front office. It’s time for AD to move on.

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