Worst Stat Records of All-Time

When it comes to records, many think of something like Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game. Bad stat records are often overlooked, but they’re always intriguing to follow. This being said, we’ll be examining the top five worst stat records of all-time.

5. Charlotte Bobcats (2011-2012)

The Charlotte Bobcats, now known as the Charlotte Hornets, compiled one of the worst seasons in NBA history if not the worst.

The Bobcats finished with a record of 7-59( during the NBA lockout year). They might’ve played in 16 less games than a standard NBA season, but it’s an extremely safe bet that Charlotte would go on to lose most of those games.

The roster was headlined by Kemba Walker, Corey Maggette, Gerald Henderson, and D.J. Augustin. It’s least amount of wins in an NBA season, which is owned by the 72-73 Philadelphia 76ers. However, with how talented the league has become since the 2010s years, it’s mind-boggling to figure out how this team didn’t win at least double digit games.

4. The “Zero” Game

Andre Roberson of the Oklahoma City Thunder achieved a stat line that could quite possibly never be duplicated in the rest of NBA history.

Back in 2016 during late February, Roberson made history against the New Orleans Pelicans. Roberson played 22 minutes, so a decent stat line would be expected for the time he did get to play.

The OKC Guard accounted for ZERO points, ZERO assists, ZERO rebounds, ZERO steals, ZERO blocks, and ZERO fouls. How is that even possible considering how long he played?

Unless somebody stands in the corner of the court for the whole time he is in the game, this record will stand for an extremely long time, if not forever. Due to the lack of highlights, there will be no video of it.

3. For Pete’s Sake

Everyone remembers the crucial mistake made by Sean McDermott and the Buffalo Bills of pegging Nathan Peterman as their starting QB. Peterman was in the process of making his first career start against the Chargers.

A flustered Peterman went on to throw FIVE interceptions in the first half. To everyone’s surprise, Peterman was benched at the half for some odd reason. Peterman finished the game 4-of-16 with a whopping 66 yards. Only one other QB has ever accomplished this feat, but it was not in his debut. Therefore, Nathan Peterman gets the nod.

2. “Don’t Chop at it, It’s Not a Sword”

In the MLB, if you’re getting paid $161 Million over 7-years, you’ll be expected to consistently put the bat on the ball. Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles is getting paid that money and has not done that over the last 6 months.

Finally, after 62 at-bats dating back to September 14th of 2018, Davis snapped the historic streak against the Boston Red Sox(of course). Hopefully after the encouraging series against the Red Sox, it’ll help Davis get back into the groove that earned him that contract in the first place. Luckily, we have another Khris Davis on the other side of the country who is smashing the ball right now.

1. Lions and Clowns

The reward for worst sports records of all-time will be shared by the 2008 Detroit Lions, and the 2017 Cleveland Browns. These NFL teams are the only franchises to have a season end 0-16. It is impossible to tell which team is better, so it’s easier to let them share the limelight. Detroit hasn’t found a way out of the losing seasons ever since, and don’t look like they’ll be fixing it. Cleveland, on the other hand, has made themselves AFC North favorites in just a span of two years. Either way, both franchises take home the reward to top all bad stat records.

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