NFL: Which UDFAs Could Make the Final AFC Rosters?

Every year following the draft, teams continue to add prospects in the hopes they become a contributor on the team. Kurt Warner, Adam Thielen, and Philip Lindsay are all former Undrafted Free Agents, and what each team hopes they gain. Sometimes these UDFAs make the roster for a year or two, before becoming journeyman players. Other times, they are signed to a practice squad, are used for training camp, or can fill a need following an injury. The AFC rosters could see the following players still there for the start of the 2019 season.

Baltimore Ravens

Current UDFAs: RB LJ Scott, WR Antoine Wesley, WR Jaylen Smith, WR Sean Modster, WR Taivon Jacobs, WR Juston Christian, TE Charles Scarff, TE Cole Herdman, OT Marcus Applefield, OL CJ Toogood, OL Patrick Vahe, DE Michael Onuoha, DE Darian Roseboro, DE Markus Jones, DT Gerald Willis, DT Kalil Morris, LB EJ Ejiya, LB Otaro Alaka, LB Silas Stewart, CB Tank Kelly, Safety Evan Worthington, Long Snapper Matt Orzech

Baltimore used the 2019 Draft to rebuild their Offense around Quarterback Lamar Jackson. Despite the Wide Receivers they drafted, Jaylen Smith turned heads as an UDFA as he was Jackson’s former teammate at Louisville and had his best season catching passes from him. Antoine Wesley is another WR who had decent production in college, and could make the roster, if not the practice squad. The other skill position players have little chance, while there is a possibility one of the interior Offensive Linemen lands a spot as a backup Guard.

The Ravens also needed to strengthen their pass rush, and Defensive End Markus Jones and Defensive Tackle Gerald Willis showed productivity in college. At Linebacker, Otaro Alaka could find a role replacing the loss of CJ Mosley with his ability to manage the middle of the field. Baltimore is deep in the secondary, and there is little chance either of the Defensive Backs make it.

Potential Survivors: WR Antoine Wesley, WR Jaylen Smith, DE Markus Jones, DT Gerald Willis, LB Otaro Alaka

Buffalo Bills

Current UDFAs: QB Tyree Jackson, WR David Sills, WR Nick Easley, OT Blake Hance, LB Tyrel Dodson, LB Juwan Foggie, CB Cam Lewis, Kicker Chase McLaughlin

With the retirement of backup QB Derek Anderson, Tyree Jackson has a strong chance of becoming the backup in Buffalo, especially with a complementary skillset to starter Josh Allen. WR David Sills suits a slot receiver role on short and intermediate routes, but is unlikely to beat out the emerging WRs on the roster. Nick Easley has a lower likelihood than Sills, and Offensive Tackle Blake Hance also has little opportunity to beat out the current players on the roster.

The Bills need some depth at LB, and Tyrel Dodson could provide much-needed help in the passing game as a nickel DB. However, he is less-suited to attacking the run, which could give Juwan Foggie an opportunity to claim a spot. Cornerback Cam Lewis has no open starter position in front of him, and Kicker Chase McLaughlin will be competing with 33 year-old journeyman Stephen Hauschka, giving him an opportunity to win the job.

Potential Survivors: QB Tyree Jackson, WR David Sills, LB Tyrel Dodson, Kicker Chase McLaughlin

Cincinnati Bengals

Current UDFAs: QB Jake Dolegala, RB Jordan Ellis, WR Charles Holland, WR Stanley Morgan, WR Damion Willis, OG O’Shea Dugas, OT Keaton Sutherland, LB Curtis Akins, CB Anthony Chesey, Safety Tyree Kinnel

Dolegala is a camp arm for the Bengals, who drafted Ryan Finley to be a potential backup or eventual starter. RB Ellis has competition from two drafted rookies to make it as the fourth player on the depth chart. However, the WRs each have a good chance of becoming the WR4 and WR5, although Morgan has an edge over the others. OT Keaton Sutherland could survive as a backup, with little chance for OG Dugas.

The Bengals have drafted multiple LBs over the past few years, giving Akins a small window to make the team. Neither of the DBs have much chance to survive cuts either, as the Bengals have starters and depth already established.

Potential Survivors: WR Morgan Sutton, WR Damion Willis, OT Keaton Sutherland

Cleveland Browns

Current UDFAs: QB David Blough, RB Darrin Hall, WR Dorian Baker, WR DJ Montgomery, TE Stephen Carlson, Center Trevon Tate, Center Willie Wright, OT Brian Fineangonofo, DE Jarrell Owens, DE Wyatt Ray, LB Dedrick Young, LB Anthony Stubbs, CB Jermaine Ponder, Safety J.T. Hassel, Punter Jamie Gillan

Blough is purely a camp arm, whereas RB Hall has a good opportunity to become a backup RB given the Browns’ lack of depth. Cleveland have also added multiple players at WR and TE, giving them no need for any of the other skill position players. Although they don’t need a Center or OT either, if any of the OL can play Guard, there is a place for another backup on the OL.

Neither of the DEs can make it as a starter, with little need for depth either. The Browns drafted three LBs and had a need at the position, giving Young and Stubbs a chance at making it as a backup if they can flash on Special Teams. The Browns also invested in the secondary in the draft, leaving little room for Ponder or Hassel, with Punter Gillan competition only.

Potential Survivors: RB Darrin Hall

Denver Broncos

Current UDFAs: QB Brett Rypien, RB Devontae Jackson, FB George Aston, WR Kelvin McKnight, WR Trinity Benson, WR Romell Guerrier, TE Austin Fort, Center Ryan Crozier, OT Brian Wallace, OT Quinn Bailey, OT John Leglue, DE Ahmad Gooden, DT Jaylen Johnson, LB Joe Dineen, LB Josh Watson, LB Malik Reed, CB Alijah Holder

The Broncos are turning over every leaf as they rebuild the roster, and Brett Rypien has a high chance to at least make it as a practice squad member. RB Jackson has room on the depth chart to become the RB3, although Fullback Aston is unlikely to beta out current starter Andy Janovich. Amongst the WRs the Broncos need better depth, while TE Fort could provide an upgrade over current guys on the roster, but will sit behind rookie Noah Fant at the very least. Denver has been rebuilding the OL over the last few seasons, and it is an open competition for all of the UDFAs to make it as a potential backup.

Neither of the DL are good chances to crack the rotation, despite a new Head Coach and defensive scheme. Likewise at OLB, although Josh Watson could sneak in at ILB with a need for depth. With no CBs drafted, Alijah Holder could have an opportunity to make it on the roster, especially if Chris Harris isn’t retained.

Potential Survivors: RB Devontae Jackson, WR Kelvin McKnight, CB Alijah Holder

Houston Texans

Current UDFAs: RB Karan Higdon, RB Damarea Crockett, WR Stephen Louis, WR Johnnie Dixon, WR Tyron Johnson, Center DJ Coker, OG Malcolm Pridgeon, DE Johnny Dwight, DT Javier Edwards, DT Ira Lewis, DT Albert Huggins Jr., LB Jessie Aniebonam, LB Chase Middleton, LB Jamal Davis, LB Drew Lewis, Safety Austin Exford, Safety Chris Johnson, Safety Dexter Wright

Despite making the playoffs, Houston had a desperate need to upgrade its Offense. Yet with their seven picks, they took no RBs or WRs, giving a chance to the UDFAs to fill the depth chart. RB Damarea Crockett and WR Johnnie Dixon are the better chances to survive, especially the latter who can return kicks and offers a deep threat. With two picks spent on OT, Center DJ Coker has a better chance than Pridgeon to make the roster, but is still unlikely.

The Texans also need a versatile DL who can play inside and out, with Javier Edwards the best fit for the scheme due to his experience playing in a three-man front. That said, Houston could look to add depth and more than one DL could make the team. LB has a similar situation, where depth could be added but is not a strong possibility, with Aniebonam and Davis having the best chances as OLB. The Safeties have even less chance, as Houston has an established and strong secondary.

Potential Survivors: RB Damarea Crockett, WR Johnnie Dixon, DT Javier Edwards

Indianapolis Colts

Current UDFAs: WR Ashton Dulin, WR Penny Hart, TE Hale Hentges, DE Jegs Jegede, DT Johnny Robinson, DT Jordan Thompson, CB Jamal Peters, CB Chris Rayford, Kicker Clayton Hatfield

After drafting WR Parris Campbell and adding WR Devin Funchess in Free Agency, neither of the UDFA WRs have much of a chance at getting beyond the practice squad. Likewise for TE Hale Hentges, who would at best be the third or fourth TE and need to be an exceptional blocker and Special Teams contributor.

The DL was desperate for depth and upgrades, and one of Johnny Robinson and Jordan Thompson have a high chance of making the final roster. Robinson comes from a small school but was reasonably productive, and could win out. A strong showing from either of the CBs could likewise get them a final position as a backup, but nothing more. Unless Kicker Adam Vinatieri is retiring, Hatfield is only there for training camp.

Potential Survivors: DT Johnny Robinson

Jacksonville Jaguars

Current UDFAs: WR Michael Colubiale, WR Michael Walker, WR Tyre Brady, WR Dredrick Snelson Jr., OL Donnell Greene, DT Shane Bowman, LB Joe Giles-Harris, CB Saivion Smith, CB Tae Hayes, Safety Zedrick Woods, Safety Andrew Wingard

The Jaguars had a strong front seven last season and bolstered it in the draft, leaving room only in the secondary. Saivion Smith is a big and strong CB who is good enough in man coverage to be a top backup on the outside. Likewise, Safety Andrew Wingard has a very strong chance of not only making the roster, but becoming a starter. He showed versatility to play in the box and over the top with strong fundamentals, and the Jaguars need a new Safety.

While some of the WRs began to show promise in 2018, Tyre Brady could bolster the corps and was productive in college. He fills a need as a route runner and possession receiver, and could climb the depth chart quickly. With little need along the OL after the draft, Brady could be the lone UDFA on Offense to make the team.

Potential Survivors: WR Tyre Brady, CB Saivion Smith, Safety Andrew Wingard

Kansas City Chiefs

Current UDFAs: QB Kyle Shurmur, QB T.J. Linter, QB John Lovett, RB James Williams, RB Marcus Marshall, WR Joel Blumenthal, WR Jamire Jordan, WR Andre Lindsay, WR Cody Thompson, WR Julius Wingate, WR Justin Hobbs, WR Jamal Custis, WR Jody Fortson, WR Felton Davis, TE Logan Parker, Center Bruno Reagan, Center Alex Fontana, OL Maurice Simba, DE Parker Hesse, LB Gary Johnson, LB Darius Harris, CB Dakari Monroe, CB Jalin Burrell, CB Mark Fields, Safety Gaje Ferguson, Kicker Austin Errthum, Punter Jack Fox, Long Snapper Austin Frey

While the QBs appear largely to be camp arms, Shurmur could survive as the QB3 due to his NFL bloodlines. Neither of the RBs is a strong chance of making the roster, although there is potential space as backup TE for Logan Parker. WR Jamal Custis maybe offers the most among the WRs, but the Chiefs are desperate for an outside speedster and agile slot receiver, even if Tyreek Hill can play this season, giving an opportunity to someone else such as Felton Davis or Cody Thompson. The OL players have next to no chance of making it beyond training camp.

The Special Teams players aren’t competing for spots, and the same can be said for the DBs and DE Parker Hesse. The Chiefs do need another OLB, and Gary Johnson would fit that need. Johnson can blitz and defend the pass, and has a very good chance to make the roster.

Potential Survivors: QB Kyle Shurmur, WR Jamal Custis, TE Logan Parker, LB Gary Johnson

Los Angeles Chargers

Current UDFAs: RB Jeremy Cox, WR Trevion Thompson, WR Jason Moore, TE Daniel Helm, TE Matt Sokol, Center Tanner Volson, OG Koda Martin, OG Chris Brown, OT Blake Camper, DE Chris Peace, DT Eurndraus Bryant, DT Reggie Howard, LB Elijah Zeise, LB Josh Corcoran, CB Kemon Hall, CB Bradford Lemmons, CB Rodney Randle, Safety Roderic Teamer, Punter Tyler Newsome

The OL players will have great difficulty in pushing for backup spots, but the skill positions each have a good shot. RB Jeremy Cox has little meaningful competition for the RB3 spot, while TE Daniel Helm’s receiving abilities make him a potential upgrade over current TE2 Virgil Green. The Chargers are also looking for a WR3, and Trevion Thompson could fit that role.

DE Chris Peace could be valuable in a backup role, with a lack of depth at the position, although he would need to beat out the current players on the roster. Although there was a need for new LBs in Los Angeles before the draft, after drafting two neither Corcoran nor Zeise has a realistic chance. A CB4 slot is up for grabs, and Kemon Hall showed an ability to read passes well in college. Punter Tyler Newsome is potentially competing for a starting job, but might just be a camp body. Roderic Teamer has little chance after the Chargers drafted Safeties early in the last two years.

Potential Survivors: RB Jeremy Cox, WR Trevion Thompson, TE Daniel Helm, CB Kemon Hall

Miami Dolphins

Current UDFAs: WR Preston Williams, WR Trenton Irwin, Center Kirk Barron, OG Shaq Calhoun, OL Aaron Monteiro, OL Ryan Anderson, DE Jonathan Ledbetter, DE Dewayne Hendrix, LB Terrill Hanks, LB Tre Watson, CB Nick Needham, CB Montre Hartage, CB Tyler Horton, Safety Rob Rolle, Punter Stone Wilson, Long Snapper Les Farnsworth

With an underperforming WR group and lack of depth, both Preston Williams and Trenton Irwin could make the team, or stay as practice squad members. Along the OL, the Dolphins are looking for multiple backups. Ryan Anderson can play multiple positions, while Aaron Monteiro is suited to a Tackle spot, which is the biggest need along the line.

Miami need depth on the edge of the DL, where Jonathan Ledbetter could be a solid contributor as a backup. New Head Coach Brian Flores’ speciality is with LBs, and Terrill Hanks fits his system well with his instinctiveness and ability to play the pass and run equally well. The Dolphins had a reasonably strong secondary and with bigger needs elsewhere, it’s hard to see any valuable roster spots being used here. Stone Wilson has a chance at the Punter’s job if he can impress over training camp.

Potential Survivors: WR Preston Williams, WR Trenton Irwin, OL Aaron Monteiro, OL Ryan Anderson, DE Jonathan Ledbetter, LB Terrill Hanks

New England Patriots

Current UDFAs: RB Nick Brossette, WR Jacobi Meyers, WR Ryan Davis, TE Andrew Beck, Center Tyler Gauthier, OT Calvin Anderson, OT Tyree St. Louis, LB Terez Hall, Safety Malik Gant

The Patriots often have a stable of RBs, and Nick Brossette could make his way in as a thumper, but may be forced to beat out Brandon Bolden for the role. WRs Ryan Davis and Jacobi Meyers could also carve out specialist roles, with the former especially having a chance on Special Teams. TE Andrew Beck has a lot of competition in becoming one of the top TEs, while both OL are also unlikely to beat out any competition they have.

LB Terez Hall has the speed that the Patriots often have in their LBs, but could struggle to make the final roster. Although they need to get younger in the secondary, Safety Malik Gant is unlikely to be where they start.

Potential Survivors: WR Ryan Davis, WR Jakobi Meyers, LB Terez Hall

New York Jets

Current UDFAs: RB Jalin Moore, WR Xavier Ubosi, WR Jeff Smith, WR Greg Dortch, OL Tyler Jones, OL Toa Lobendahn, OT Wyatt Miller, DT Fred Jones, DT MyQuon Stout, DT Trevon Sanders, LB Kyle Phillips, LB Justin Alexandre, LB Jamey Mosley, LB Jeff Allison, CB Kyron Brown, Safety John Battle, Safety Santos Ramirez

RB Jalin Moore will be in training camp to avoid injuries to the starters, while WR Greg Dortch is the only one of the three likely to last as a backup. The Jets have a big need across the whole OL, and Lobendahn can play both Center and OT. Tyler Jones could also fill a need as OG or OT, but needs to make sure he is behaving off the field as well as on it.

With no backup NT on the roster currently, Trevon Sanders fits an immediate need over the other DL, but may still be cut if first round selection Quinnen Williams provides the depth needed. Unless one of the LBs really impresses, none are likely to be retained, even though Jamey Mosley’s brother CJ Mosley was recently acquired by the Jets. The DBs are also limited in their chances, but watch for John Battle to hang around as a nickel DB and backup Free Safety.

Potential Survivors: WR Greg Dortch, OL Toa Lobendahn, OL Tyler Jones, DT Trevon Sanders, Safety John Battle

Oakland Raiders

Current UDFAs: FB Alec Ingold, WR Keelan Doss, OG Lester Cotton, OG Lukayus McNeil, OT Andre James, OT Tyler Roemer, LB Te’Von Coney, LB Koa Farmer, CB Dylan Mabin, CB Keisean Nixon

Both FB Alec ingold and WR Keelan Doss have too much to overcome on the depth chart, although the latter could be a practice squad member. With a need for depth at OG, Lester Cotton and Lukayus McNeil are fighting for a spot, with the former a stronger candidate.

Te’Von Coney at LB is a leader on the field, and with poor play from LBs in recent years, he has an excellent chance at becoming a starter very quickly. The secondary was shored up through the draft, giving Nixon and Mabin little chance to make the roster.

Potential Survivors: OG Lester Cotton, LB Te’Von Coney

Pittsburgh Steelers

Current UDFAs: RB Travon McMillan, TE Trevor Wood, OG Garrett Brumfield, OG Fred Johnson, DE Jay Hayes, DT Chris Nelson, CB Alexander Myres, Safety Dravon Askew-Henry, Kicker Matthew Wright, Punter Ian Berryman

Although RB James Conner has been decent in Pittsburgh the last few seasons, the Steelers need additional contributors on the ground and McMillan is a chance at the RB4 spot. Despite a need at TE, Trevor Wood will need to show more than he did in college to stick around. Either of the OGs could see themselves make it as a backup, and Johnson was more consistent in college.

The DL is solid without any additions, leaving Hayes and Nelson as camp bodies. CB Myres could become the CB4 if he has an impressive camp, but is most likely a backup at best. The Steelers are happy with their Kicker and Punter already, so neither Berryman nor Wright will have much chance to make the roster.

Potential Survivors: OG Fred Johnson, CB Alexander Myres

Tennessee Titans

Current UDFAs: RB Alex Barnes, WR Anthony Ratliff-Williams, WR Isaac Zico, OT Cody Conway, OT A.T. Hall, DE Amani Bledsoe, DT Isaiah Mack Tenn, DT Braxton Hoyett, LB Derick Roberson, CB Hamp Cheevers, CB Taj-Amir Torres, Safety Jonathan Crawford, Safety Jojo Tillery

The Titans could do with an upgrade as the third RB, giving Alex Barnes a good shot to make it beyond training camp. The WR room is becoming crowded, and Ratliff-Williams is at best looking at being on the practice squad. Tennessee has no need for OL, and both Conway and Hall will be cut early in the process.

Finding someone who can play DT in a three man front gives Hoyett a good opportunity to survive cuts. The other DL, alongside LB Derick Roberson, are facing crowded situations with little chance of making it through. It’s unlikely the Titans retain many (or any) of the DBs with quality starters and sufficient backups already.

Potential Survivors: RB Alex Barnes, DT Braxton Hoyett

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