Best Throwback Jersey in Professional Sports

Any team is incomplete without some sort of uniform. Every team has their own unique look whether that’s on the court, ice or playing field. As time goes on some franchises evolve and change up their look. Some teams have had great jersey designs from the past so great that they eventually bring them back. Here are some of the best throwback jersey designs in all of professional sports.

MLB Throwbacks

The MLB has seen some great jerseys throughout its 150-year history. In fact some teams like the Yankees haven’t changed their look since the beginning. Here are some of the best throwbacks MLB teams have worn.

Arizona Diamondbacks

The D-Back’s original jerseys from their expansion in 1998, these classic white jerseys are complimented by thin purple stripes and sleeves. All of this wouldn’t be complete without a bit of teal which is mainly used for the logo and player’s last name. They were famously-worn when they won the 2001 World Series. These iconic jerseys are officially the D-Back’s Throwback jersey, which are worn every Thursday at home. What makes them one of the better throwback uniforms is the unique color scheme. Purple and teal aren’t used together often, but when they were introduced into the league in 1998, they quickly became one of the better-designed jerseys.

Houston Astros

These Astro-throwbacks have one of the better color patterns the MLB has seen. The orange, yellow and red stripes acts as a shading-effect. First introduced in 1975, the Astros wore these beauties up until 1986. In ’86 the Astros decided a change to their look was necessary, however they now serve as the Astro’s throwback uniforms. It truly is a dated look, but that’s what makes them throwbacks.

NBA Throwbacks

Toronto Raptors

It doesn’t matter who you cheer for, how can you not love these old-school jerseys? Having purple as the dominant color, the jersey is complimented by white, vertical zig-zags. Red trims along the sleeves and legs complete the look with all eyes being directed towards the logo. The basketball-playing velociraptor with the white jersey is an iconic look from the 90’s. When it was first introduced in 1994, everyone, lovers and haters of the design, all agreed that it was different. Although Toronto has moved on from that logo, it still is one of the better throwbacks the league has to offer.

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta has had a lot of jerseys throughout their 73-year history, but these throwbacks stand alone as one of their greatest. First implemented in 1995, the Hawks wore these jerseys until 1999. The vibrant colors on the logo pop off the primary red and black. The gold trims along the arms, neck and legs add to the pop. These jerseys are very appealing to the eye of any fan and are one of the NBA’s better throwbacks.

Phoenix Suns

A gorgeous look that defined the 1990’s in the NBA, the Phoenix Suns old-school purple and orange jerseys. The two-dimensional logo of orange points with a basketball center go nicely with a primary purple jersey. The white font gives this jersey a satisfying look that Charles Barkley rocked back in the day!

NFL Throwbacks

Philadelphia Eagles

The NFL doesn’t have many eye-popping throwbacks, but two stand alone. The first is Philadelphia. These emerald-green jerseys are complimented by gray and white stripes that just look soothing to the eyes. They’re not overly-complicated and that’s what makes them so great. the sliver and white wings on the helmets finish this soaring look for Philadelphia.

Los Angeles Rams

It is safe to say that people are glad these jerseys are back full-time for the Rams. The royal blue with a solid-goldish-yellow font and stripes just make this a vibrant-looking jersey. These jerseys were established in 1975, but as the Rams changed over time, they were officially brought back in 2017 as their throwbacks. It truly is a great look and a simple color scheme.

Miami Dolphins

These Miami Dolphin’s jerseys are very unique in terms of color-usage. With a primary color in teal, these jerseys are complimented by neon orange and white secondary colors. The teal alone is what makes these jerseys great. Dan Marino looked good on the field performance and fashion wise with these throwbacks that have been brought back in 2019.

NHL Throwbacks

Anaheim Ducks

Back when they went by the ‘Mighty’ Ducks of Anaheim, these purple and teal jerseys were beauties back in the day! With white, black and silver stripes on the sleeves and waist, this throwback jersey is one of the better jerseys the NHL has seen. What makes it so great is the logo. The goalie duck mask with hockey sticks is truly an iconic logo. It’s a shame that the Ducks are sticking with the webbed-duck-foot as their main logo.

Arizona Coyotes

When the Jets were relocated from Winnipeg to the Valley in 1996, these were the jerseys that established the Coyotes in Phoenix, Arizona. The ‘Kachina’ style jersey was once seen as a hideous monstrosity in the franchise’s early years. However now, it is a fan-favorite all across the league. The primary-black jersey is complimented by a desert red and forest green. The arms and neck are traced with a blocky-crΓ¨me design to further that ‘Kachina’ look. Shane Doan has worn a lot of Coyote uniforms throughout his career, but these are the best by far.

New York Islanders

Fish sticks anyone? They are often compared to the Gorton’s Fisherman logo, this jersey is extremely underrated. In 1995, the Islanders unveiled this logo with an ownership change. This isn’t exactly a fan favorite, even amongst Islander fans. However, this throwback gives the Islanders an official ‘mascot’ look; they were finally associated with some sort of mascot. The different shades of blue with their secondary orange make a gorgeous wave. This is a beautiful jersey that just didn’t get a lot of love.

Washington Capitals

The Great 8 would look so good in this jersey. While their main color is red, this light blue is just as beautiful. The black, white, and bronze stripes flow so nice with the soaring eagle logo. This would make for a great throwback jersey to wear, but it doesn’t look like these jerseys are coming back anytime soon.

So these are the best throwback jerseys in professional sports. There have been a lot of jerseys worn in all of sports, but only a select few will forever be classic throwbacks.

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