Top 10 Basketball Movies

When you combine basketball and movies you get one of the greatest combinations of all time. There is always the notable films such as Hoosiers or Space Jam that comes to mind, but there is so much more than that.

10. Love and Basketball

This is more than just a movie this takes us on journey within the lives of Quincy McCall and Monica Wright. It follows them as they find it hard to balance life, love and basketball at USC. In the end it all works out for the best for the both of them and everybody got the ending they deserved.

9. Blue Chips

This movie is solely responsible for Shaq and Penny Hardaway becoming NBA teammates those years in Orlando. Shaq felt that chemistry between the two was so good that he went to the front office and told them to draft Hardaway.

A well respected coach had fallen upon hard times and needed a change. To win he knows he has to recruit top players and he wants to do it the right way, but the corrupt boosters get in the way of that.

8. Like Mike

This a feel good story for all ages. Orphan Calvin Cambridge (Bow Wow) get a chance to escape to new life in the NBA when his magic sneakers make him great at basketball. This movie has that feel of innocence behind, something we can all get behind.

7. Space Jam

You had not one but two GOATS (Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan)in a film and anytime that happens it is an automatic classic. The fate of the Looney Toon world know it could cease to exist unless they win a basketball game against aliens. Oh yeah these aliens also have stolen the talents of five of the best players in the NBA. Consider this the NBA finals game 7. Who do you call on to lead you to a win none other than the best closer himself, Michael Jordan.

6. He Got Game

When you have a life changing opportunity you sometimes have no choice but to take it. Denzel Washington plays Jake Shuttleworth who is the father of the top high school basketball player in the country. Jake is on parole from prison to get his son to sign to Big State the Alma Mater of the states governor in exchange for his freedom. This movie is more than basketball, it is life.

5. White Men Can’t Jump

What do Sidney Deane and Billy Hoyle have in the common, they love to ball and they are pretty good hustlers. This is not the story of college stars or NBA wannabes, but two guys who settle and get their problems on the blacktop.

4. Above The Rim

This film has an all star lineup of Bernie Mac, Tupac Leon Duane Martin and Marlon Wayans. Martin plays Kyle Watson a star high school player who faces the real problems more so off the court than on it. Birdie (Tupac) faces Watson with the facts that he could end his basketball if he does not follow his lead.

3. Hurricane Season

In 2005, one of the worse natural disasters in United States hit in the form of Hurricane Katrina. Coach Al Collins played by Forrest Whitaker goes against all odds and plays his basketball season even though he barely has a stable gym to practice in.

He started the season off with six players and eventually worked his way up to 10 from five different schools. The team lost early and often. Eventually got it together to make the playoffs and do the unthinkable, win the Louisiana 5A state title.

2. Glory Road

Don Haskins only knows two things, that is winning and that he does not see race rather skill and that the best player will play. This is the true story of the first all black college starting lineup.

This story follows the 1965-66 season at Texas Western College now known as UTEP and of the biggest upsets in sports history as they beat University of Kentucky for the NCAA championship.

1.Coach Carter

A team not expected to do anything not only on the court but in life. Samuel L. Jackson plays hard-nose coach Ken Carter who takes on an even rougher team. Coach Carter angered the majority of the community for valuing the students’ academics more than their athletics.

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