NBA: Best Free Agency Destinations

The NBA Free agency is fastly approaching and many players will be free agents and will be looking at different teams to play for. Many things will go into effect with the players choosing their destination from money and the chance to win a championship.

Los Angeles Lakers/Clippers

Los Angeles is looking like a good destination for free agents to take their talents. With the Lakers the have superstar Lebron James and recently the team just traded for Anthony Davis and the team still has a spot for one max contract.

But playing alongside James and Davis is an offer that is too good not to take up.

Besides the Lakers, the Clippers can also be a good team to join. With the team having two max contract slots a player such as Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving can play alongside each other on the Clippers.

New York Knicks

One of the biggest markets in the world there is a ton of benefits of playing in Madison Square Garden and playing for the New York Knicks. Now yes the Knicks have not been contenders in quite some time and the current roster is not that enticing but if somebody signs there they have a chance to turn all of that around.

Just imagine being one of the players responsible for turning the New York Knicks around and making them relevant again. That is a lot of pressure when you think about it but some players might be up for that challenge.

Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are also a sleeper choice when it comes to choosing a destination. Like many teams in the league, the Nets also have the space for two max contracts.

This past season can be seen as their breakout season. The team made the playoffs for the first time since 2015. This can also be the start of the Nets being contenders which can convenience players to sign with Brooklyn.

The will be playing in New York one of the biggest markets in the league and have the chance to take the Nets into being a championship team.

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