Brooklyn Nets: Worst to First?


Not too many years ago, the Brooklyn Nets franchise was one of the laughing stocks of the NBA.

After the first day of free agency, the only people left laughing are the fans and franchise of Brooklyn. Knicks fans watched their dreams fade away as Brooklyn locked down Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving for the next four years each. The fun was not over yet, as DeAndre Jordan signed with the Nets as well.

How did all of this happen?

Dysfunction in New York

The Knicks have been of of the worst franchises in the league for a while now. Kristaps Porzingis demanding a trade from the organization didn’t look good on Dolan’s track record around the NBA.

It’s safe to assume that it didn’t give Irving or Durant any encouragement about the direction of the franchise either. Why wouldn’t they choose the franchise with better management and even better players?


Leverage is something the Brooklyn Nets had over the New York Knicks significantly. What was that leverage exactly? The answer is Kyrie.

Rumors that Irving would be signing with the Nets started heating up, which was putting pressure on Kevin Durant to put the Nets on his radar. As our great friend Woj said in the video above, Irving joining the Brooklyn is ultimately what lured Durant away from the Knicks.


The Brooklyn Nets won’t be the top team in the league for next year, because of Durant’s ruptured Achilles. However, once Durant makes his return, the Nets will be a given for having near the best title odds in the league.

To finish things off, Brooklyn has officially turned the Knicks into the “little brother” in the Big Apple.

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