Real Madrid: Evaluating The Three Biggest Transfers

After a shocking and disappointing 2018/19 season, Real Madrid has wasted no time rebuilding and preparing for next season. Going through three different managers and losing 17 games for the first time in 20 years put a bad image on the club’s history of success. In addition, suffering an early exit in the Champions League as the three-time defending champions made matters worse.

Three months ago, the club reappointed Zinedine Zidane as manager. At first, Zidane was not interested. However, he reversed his decision after club management assured him a guarantee having the power to making a decision involving the squad, transfers, etc. Furthermore, he received a large transfer budget allowing him to acquire the necessary assets as part of the preparation for next season.

The Three Biggest Transfers: 

Eden Hazard; The Captain and second highest scorer of the Belgian National Team. Hazard played seven seasons for Chelsea, scoring 110 goals in over 350 matches.

Last month, he helped Chelsea win their fifth and first European title since 2013. Immediately after the win, he confirmed that the 2018/19 Europa League final was likely his last match with Chelsea. A week later, Hazard’s transfer to Real Madrid was complete.

Known for his speed, as well as his unique dribbling and passing skills, Hazard is also a prolific goal scorer. Furthermore, he’s a very versatile attacker with an ability to create scoring chances.

Real Madrid only scored 108 goals last season, which is 40 less than the previous season. 108 goals are the club’s worst in at least ten years. Hazard is seen as the one who can put an end to Real Madrid’s scoring struggles. Being a reliable scorer, Hazard can certainly provide the offensive attack a boost of confidence.

With his experience, Hazard has the potential to lead Real Madrid’s offensive attack alongside veteran striker Karim Benzema. The departure of Ronaldo really haunted Real Madrid, and Hazard may very well be the answer they’re looking for as far as Ronaldo’s replacement goes.

Luka Jovic; The 21-year-old Serbian striker who played for Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt last season has the potential of being the future of the club. Along with his unique speed and his ability to create space, he’s a reliable scorer. Furthermore, he constantly uses positional advantage.

Playing alongside Hazard ought to be a positive impact for Jovic. He can learn and benefit from Hazard’s leadership and guidance. Overall, he can improve dramatically as a player. Furthermore, Hazard can serve as Jovic’s mentor.

With Hazard’s brilliant passing ability, he can take advantage of scoring opportunities with an assist from Hazard. Hazard can penetrate through the midfield while Jovic gets through the defenders and they combine their skills to score goals and win games. In other words, he and Hazard can do great things together.

Jovic’s 17 goals in Bundesliga play last season places him as the third joint top scorer in the Bundesliga standings. In addition, he was the second highest scorer(10 goals) of the 2018/19 UEFA Europa League. Furthermore, he’s the youngest player to score five goals in a game in Bundesliga play.

Ferland Mendy

A young and emerging defender who jumped from the French Ligue 2 to the top Ligue 1 in less than three years. He spent the last two years playing for Olympique Lyonnais and made his debut for the French National Team last November.

After suffering arthritis and being forced into a wheelchair as a teenager, he was told that his days as a footballer were over. Furthermore, he was told that he may never walk again. It didn’t take long for his life and career to change.

Being voted as the best left-back in the French Ligue 1 in the past two years, it’s only fitting that he’s now in a club like Real Madrid. Being dubbed as the “Kylian Mbappé of left-backs”, his speed, dribbling skills, passing skills, and ability to play defense are one a kind. He alongside fellow compatriot Raphaël Varane can lead a very well-organized defense.

For a defender, he’s got a unique ability to create penetration and providing much-needed assists in helping his team score. He can connect well with Hazard and Jovic. In other words, he’s a reliable player. Furthermore, Real Madrid needs a player of his caliber.

French Superstars Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappé are linked with a move to Real Madrid. These two would only make Real Madrid’s squad better and more dangerous.

In 2017, when Mbappé transferred from Monaco to Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid was in the race to acquire Mbappé, but Mbappé decided to sign with PSG largely due to a guarantee of playing time. Transfer talks have been quiet as of late, but Mbappé is being predicted to join Real Madrid sometime next season.

In Pogba’s case, his second tenure at Manchester United has been a nightmare. Three years since his return and he’s gotten nowhere. M. United and Real Madrid appear to be in talks about a transfer, however, they seem to be struggling to come to an agreement on a transfer fee. Pogba hasn’t commented on the situation other than telling the club of his desire to leave Old Trafford. However, Zidane considers Pogba a priority and is apparently pushing Real Madrid President Florentino Perez to sign Pogba.

Hazard has praised both Mbappé and Pogba, considering both to be two of the best players in the world. This means that Hazard would love to play alongside them. Zidane has made it perfectly clear that he wants both Mbappé and Pogba. In Pogba and Mbappé’s case, playing under Zidane would make a big impact on their careers.

Real Madrid is preparing for pre-season training. In a few weeks, they’ll play a series of friendly exhibition matches. The club is competing in the 2019/20 UEFA Champions League tournament. On top of that, the club is hoping to play well enough to win La Liga. Real Madrid wants to avenge their horrible 2018/19 season.

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