NBA: Which Duo is the Best?

NBA duos dominate this league. As free agency continues, it seems that the balance of talent between teams has finally been restored. There is no longer a clear favorite in the league. This is the first time in a long time that we’ve seen this scenario. The teams with better odds have a dynamic duo leading the way. Who are the best NBA duos?

5. Damian Lillard/C.J. McCollum

Dame and C.J. have been a very good duo in the league for years now. Considering their progress, it’s finally safe to say for them that they’re near the top of the league. After the performance these two put on during the playoffs, it’s a given that they would be on this list. The Blazers stars are one of the best shooting pairs in a league dominated behind the arc. The two former top-10 picks combined for over 51 points per game and 13 assists combined in last years playoffs. Expect much of the same come next season.

4. Steph Curry/DeAngelo Russell

The heading is obviously awkward to look at. Klay Thompson’s name always came next to Curry’s. However, Thompson will not be returning until the playoffs grow close. Mr. Russell will be taking his place in the mean time. Russell, unlike Klay, plays his best game while dominating the ball. These two will create great spacing for each other because of how well Curry moves without the ball. Both averaged over 21 points per game, so expect most defenses to be at their mercy.

3. Kyrie Irving/Kevin Durant

It’s all about patience right now for the Brooklyn Nets. Kyrie will be holding things down for now as he awaits Durant’s return from injury. Once Durant comes back, the Nets roster will be plenty good enough to bring a title back to Brooklyn. We’re talking about two of the best scorers in the entire league, Durant obviously being the best. The two averaged over 23 points per game, which should mean a lot of great things coming for Brooklyn with Durant’s return.

2. Kawhi Leonard/Paul George

After a crazy sequence of events, two of the best defenders ended up on Clippers. The offense these two supply will be just as scary. What makes this duo so scary is the ability for either one to lead the league in scoring, win DPOY, or even win MVP. Defending these two will be a tall task, but scoring against them is a more challenging task in itself. Paul George was in the conversation for DPOY and MVP this past year while the Claw took home Finals MVP. The gap between the best duo and second best is extremely slim and can be flip flopped next season.

1. LeBron James/Anthony Davis

The King and the Brow are finally together after over a year of speculation. LeBron is still in consideration for being the best player in the league, while Davis is clearly the top big man in the league. These two superstars can get it done from range and dominate the paint whenever they choose to. Both are capable of taking home the MVP next season, and the Lakers have a roster built around the duo that’s capable of a title run. For now, these two are the best duo in the league hands down, but it’ll be fun to see how all these NBA duos play out next year.

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