WWE Gets Extreme Before SummerSlam

This past Sunday, WWE was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for their latest PPV showing, Extreme Rules. Philadelphia, the birthplace of extreme, if you remember Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) owned by Paul Heyman.

Don’t worry, Mr. Heyman will be back later on. Extreme Rules is the last PPV with the biggest party of the summer approaching, SummerSlam.

Now, Philadelphia witnessed the singles debut of Aleister Black, a Last Man Standing match, a No Holds Barred match, of course an Extreme Rules match, and the return of a legend. Nine championships were defending and some changed hands in Philly. Now, let’s review Extreme Rules with Raw and SmackDown Live tv mixed together ahead of SummerSlam.

1. The Return of The Undertaker

As the show went on air, the opening match saw the return of the Grim Reaper, The Undertaker. In a No Holds Barred tag team match, The Undertaker returned to team with Roman Reigns.

That’s right folks The Undertaker teamed with The Big Dog to take on Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon. A No Holds Barred match means anything goes, thus the name of the PPV, Extreme Rules.

Undertaker looked to wipe away the horrible performance from Stomping Grounds against Goldberg. Well, he did just that, rising up after being put through an announce table and receiving a coast to coast with a trash can. Shane’s face as The Deadman sat up, shows the shocked everyone else had.

The Undertaker chocked slammed Shane and the chocked slammed Elias for his efforts of interfering. Don’t worry, Roman Reigns help end the match by spearing Drew McIntyre before McIntyre could give Taker a Claymore kick. You know how this ends, The Undertaker tombstone piledriving Shane McMahon for the pinfall victory. Rest In Peace, The Best in the World, Shane McMahon.

2. The New Day Gold Collections

Two of the nine championship matches involved The New Day. First was the SmackDown Tag Team Triple Threat Match. Xavier Woods and Big E of The New Day against Heavy Machinery and the champs, Daniel Bryan and Erik Rowan.

Normally, when it is a triple threat match with two faces and one heel, the heel is going to win. That wasn’t the case on Sunday, however. Big E survived the painful Yes Lock from Daniel Bryan and moments later caught Bryan from midair to deliver the Midnight Hour with Woods for the one, two, three. The New Day, now six-time Tag Team Champions.

A little later on in the night, Kofi Kingston, the WWE Championship put his title on the line against the dangerous and brutal, Samoa Joe. Any match that involves Samoa Joe is going to be painful and Sunday was no different. Kingston suffered damaged to his finger after Joe slammed the steel step on to his middle finger. You can say payback from Kingston giving Joe the finger a couple weeks before Extreme Rules. But that did not stop Kofi as he delivered Trouble in Paradise to Joe and retained the WWE Championship.

The New Day are rolling on SmackDown Live with ALL the GOLD!!! But after what transpired on SmackDown Live this past Tuesday night, there’s a Viper lurking around the WWE Championship.

3. New Champions Before The Biggest Party

Nine title matches were scheduled for Extreme Rules, but by the end of the show ten title matches took place. Of the ten matches, four of them show new champions. As mention earlier, The New Day became six-time tag champs so that leaves us with three more title changes.

First up was the Intercontinental Championship on the Kickoff Show before Extreme Rules. Finn Balor defending against Shinsuke Nakamura. A rivalry out of the blue with the IC title in the middle.

Not much build-up took place, but who cares just let these two great superstars go at it. They went at it and a new champ was crowded by The Artist known as Shinsuke Nakamura after delivering two Kinshasas to Balor.

Now, Finn Balor has bigger problems to deal with from Monday Night Raw. Nakamura on the other hand, might be dealing with a threat himself as SummerSlam approaches.

Next, the United States Championship between Ricochet, the champ, and The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles. A feud that brought back together, The Club, Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows at the expense of Ricochet and the U.S. Title.

Two tremendous athletes of this era battled it out to be named champion. With help from the brothers, Anderson and Gallows, AJ Styles delivered a Phenomenal Forearm that turned Ricochet inside-out and became a three-time United States Champion. This feud nowhere close to being over as Styles and Ricochet continued the fight on Monday Night Raw.

Successful Title Defense But The Beast in the Bank Was Lurking

In the main event of Extreme Rules, we had a Mixed Tag Team Extreme Rules match with TWO titles on the line. The Raw Women’s Championship held by Becky Lynch and the WWE Universal Championship held by Seth Rollins.

The dating couple put their titles on the line against familiar foes in Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin. A brutal and painful match as expected with it being Extreme Rules, but Corbin crossed a line that he costed him gold.

Corbin delivered a End of Days to Becky Lynch while Seth Rollins watched stunned. Rollins would unleash his rage and fury on Corbin for his disgusting act to his girlfriend. Kendo stick shots, then chair shots, and three curb stomps. YES three curb stomps to Baron Corbin as Rollins and Lynch retained their titles. At least one thought to be until a beast arrived.

Rollins’s music just cut off and the music of Brock Lesnar played and the crowd in Philly got excited. Mr. Beast in the Bank made his appearance with the briefcase in the hands of Paul Heyman.

Lesnar gets into the ring and Rollins knows what’s about to go down. Rollins tries to attack first, but Lesnar dodges and begins to suplex Rollins twice. After suplexes, Lesnar cashes in the Money in the Bank contract. We have ourselves an extra title match for the Universal Championship. A F5 seconds into the match and Brock Lesnar conquered Seth Rollins.

Now your reigning, defending, undisputed, three-time Universal Heavyweight Champion, BROCK LESNAR! But Seth Rollins is not out of the picture just yet. Rollins won a ten-men all-star cross-brand battle royal to fight Lesnar at SummerSlam.

In Closing

It was a good showing at Extreme Rules by WWE. A little under a month away from the biggest party of the summer in Toronto. We are already getting storylines for SummerSlam.

As mentioned earlier, Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar will battle for the Universal Championship. You have to believe that AJ Styles and Ricochet will battle for the U.S. Title again.

Will the Demon of Finn Balor return for SummerSlam to face his biggest threat to date in the Fiend of the returning Bray Wyatt?

There is all that drama including action involving Shane McMahon, The Undertake, Kevin Owens, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, and other wrestlers.

SummerSlam is building up as we speak so start planning now for the biggest party of the summer. SummerSlam in Toronto is shaping up to be a great one.

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