Vince Carter has Massive Potential as a Broadcaster

Vince Carter possesses everything that major television networks look for in an NBA player turned broadcaster. (Fernando Medina/Getty Images)

On August 5th, Vince Carter signed a one year deal to return to the Atlanta Hawks for his final NBA season. In his 22nd season, he’s set to have the longest playing career in NBA history. The 2019 free agency period certainly wasn’t the Vince Carter show – he’s got little left to give at the age of 42, and a return to Atlanta was likely one of his few options.

Next summer though, Vince Carter will have suitors lined up around the corner for his services. That would be in television free agency, where Carter will be one of the most sought after NBA television personalities in quite some time.

There’s no secret reason as to why Carter has a bright future ahead in front of the camera. It’s the same reason why he had an enormously successful career- hard work, plain and simple.

What makes Vince so good on the air?

As reported by the New York Post:

  • Carter minored in communications at North Carolina and took the “Sportscasters U” program through the NBA Players’ Association, so he’s highly educated in this field.
  • He appeared on panels on ESPN and Turner (TNT) in the US and TSN in Canada.
  • He hosts a podcast on The Ringer.
  • Carter also called the Jr NBA Global Championship on Fox Sports last year and will return this year.
  • He did color commentary on Fox Sports Southwest last year, and has done similar television stints in NBA summer league as well.

Carter has both the broadcasting education and the experience, building quite the resume along the way. However, he’ll bring more than just a nice resume to a major network.

Carter’s best asset? His playing career

Having been the longest tenured NBA player ever, Vince has an incredible understanding of the ins and outs of the game. Playing for eight different teams has helped him make numerous connections along the way. He also played in a variety of roles. He was a franchise cornerstone in Toronto and New Jersey, then transitioned to a bench role later in his career, all while serving a vital leadership role. Vince Carter has plenty more to talk about than most players do.

There’s so many stories that Vince would be able to share. What really happened when he requested a trade from the Raptors? Why did he never chase a ring? What was it like to play with Jason Kidd? Just how good is Trae Young?

For Vince, talking hoops is something he never forces. It comes naturally, and he thoroughly enjoys the work: “I played the game so long that it’s easy to break down the game and explain to a fan where they can understand it from our world and our terminology.” (via Clutch Sports). He does his homework on players and coaches alike, and it comes across on the air. With his playing career being very recent, he’ll do a great job of keeping up with the league and providing modern, up to date analysis, a la Tony Romo on CBS’ NFL coverage.

Which network will Vince sign with?

I would say ESPN. They’re the largest network with major NBA broadcasting rights. Also, he’d fit in very well on their various television shows as well as their NBA panels. They already have former players like Jalen Rose and Ryan Hollins who Carter could relate to and learn from. TNT would be a great option as well. However, their current NBA panel seems set in stone with Shaq, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith. Could TNT make room for Vince? Certainly, but ESPN has much more of a multi-platform presence which would entice Vince a lot more.

Ultimately, the decision could be as simple as who offers Carter the most money. One thing is certain – Vince Carter will deliver results wherever he ends up.

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