NFL: Giant Expectations in New York?

Unless we’re talking about the New York Yankees, there aren’t any professional sports teams in the Big Apple with high expectations. With the great demise of Eli Manning’s performance over the years, there hasn’t been much to be excited about for Giants’ fans. ESPN’s NFL Power Rankings have the Giants at 30th out of the 32 teams. With this being said, there shouldn’t be any giant expectations for Pat Shurmur’s squad.

Happy Trails

The first happy trails goes to Odell Beckham Jr. of course. One of the top tier Wide Receivers in the NFL was traded to the Cleveland Browns, bringing his record breaking play (at times) to a close in New York. Second happy trails goes to Olivier Vernon, who was packaged with Odell in the blockbuster trade. Olivier was one of the better defenders on the team in his time in New York and was definitely among the best on their D-Line year after year. Let’s not forget about Damon “Snacks” Harrison getting traded mid-season last year, so things aren’t looking very appealing on the defensive side of the ball.

No Odell no Problem?

Yes, as a matter of fact, there are some big problems for Pat Shurmur to figure out. First is the Quarterback dilemma that I wouldn’t wish upon a rival team. In one hand is an aging Eli Manning who has continued performing worse and worse as the weeks go by. On the other hand, the controversial 6th pick used on Daniel Jones, who is inexperienced and unproven.

As a matter of fact, their options to throw to aren’t looking so pretty either. Golden Tate will miss the first four games of the season due to suspension after a rejected appeal. Tate will still be a saving grace to a veteran QB, or to a youngster learning the ropes behind center. However, that won’t be until his return. Sterling Shepard has proven to be a solid option over the middle, but his health is yet to be determined after his thumb injury. His status will be updated soon after his next evaluation. As we all know, an injury could be aggravated easily after taking a big hit or two from a bone crushing safety.

Silver Linings

SAQUON BARKLEY. Does anything else need to be said? Barkley had himself a historic rookie season on a terrible team. The former Nittany Lion was second in rushing yards, behind Zeke Elliott. Barkley carried the ball 40+ less times than Zeke, but wasn’t far behind in yardage. At the season’s conclusion, Saquon accumulated ZERO fumbles. In the grand scheme, these stats were acheived with *checks notes* possibly the worst QB in the league last year. So with this being said, be very excited about what the future could hold Giants’ fans. However, winning seasons just aren’t in the cards yet for the boys in blue. Instead, pray Daniel Jones is a prodigy, or even a solid starter in the future. Meanwhile, having giant expectations for the superstar tailback is reasonable.


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