Gardner Minshew: A Legend in the Making

If you’ve watched any football or gone online at all in the past few weeks, chances are you’ve heard of Gardner Minshew. The rookie quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars is slowly capturing the hearts and minds of the football world. Whether it’s his distinct mustache or his “fashion forward” way of dressing, the Washington State product has become one of the most meme-able players in the league. And his legend only continues to grow. Despite Jacksonville being 2-3 he continues to play well enough to be a front runner for the Offensive Rookie of the Year award. But who is the man that is referred to as the “Jock Strap King” by one of his teammates?  Let’s take a look at some stories (some that I may or may not have made up) regarding the allure of Gardner Minshew.

He is a Test-Tube Baby

Rumor has it that a government genetic experiment took place in Mississippi right around 1996. DNA from a variety of famous figures was supposedly centrifuged and human life was created as a result. One experiment allegedly took the DNA of martial arts hero Chuck Norris and combined it with “The Most Interesting Man in the World”, the spokesperson for Dos Equis beer. The result would be an eclectic human being capable of absolutely anything. Does that sound familiar? If it does it’s only because Minshew checks off all the boxes.

He Does His Pregame Stretches in His Jockstrap

There actually is a verified story about Minshew’s pregame rituals. According to his teammate, running back Leonard Fournette, Minshew does his pregame warmups in his jock strap. Stretching in his jock strap earned him the nickname “Jock Strap King”. While this is quite disturbing news to most, Fournette and others will probably agree, Minshew can stretch however he wants if he keeps playing well!

His Mustache Allows Him to Speak with the Beyond

Millennials may remember the show Crossing Over with John Edward. Edward claimed to be able to speak with the dead. He however was a fraud. Minshew on the other hand is the real deal. Minshew’s mustache is allegedly a device that allows him to speak with spirits from the beyond. Do you doubt this? You clearly have not seen him in action!

He Once Wrestled with an Alligator

Can someone truly be considered an amazing human if they haven’t wrestled with an alligator? Minshew not only wrestled with an alligator, he put that alligator in a rear-naked choke hold and made it tap-out. Now that ladies and gentlemen, is star power!

Bloody Mary Says Gardner Minshew’s Name

Many a youth have repeated Bloody Mary’s name whilst looking into the mirror to try and conjure her spirit. Few know that Bloody Mary actually looks in the mirror and repeats Gardner Minshew’s name to try and conjure his spirit!

Santa Claus Leaves Cookies Out for Gardner

When Christmas Eve arrives, many children leave cookies out for Santa Claus. They leave them out in the hopes he will eat them when he comes down their chimney to deliver presents. Santa Claus however leaves cookies out for Minshew during football season, in hopes that he will eat them and bring about football glory.

Gardner’s Future

Whether Minshew’s legend lives on or not is yet to be seen. He has though brought about a new swagger and personality to the Jaguars. We can only wait and see if the legend lives up to the figure!

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