The Disappointment Continues For Manchester United

Manchester United is off to its worst start since the 1989-90 season. After eight games of Premier League play, the club sits in 12th place with only nine points. What started out as a bad dream has become a horrific nightmare for the team.

In their current position, not only is the club risking failure of qualification of both the Champions League and Europa League next year, but they’re just two points from the relegation zone. Furthermore, they haven’t won a game on the road since March.

To say that the team is a mess is an understatement. Injuries are playing a major factor and it’s caused the club to become completely disoriented. Furthermore, they’re lacking passion and concentration. And what adds insult to injury, the club is allowing their struggles to get deeper into their heads, which is making their matters worse game-by-game.

The club is 12th in the Premier League in goals scored with only nine. In addition, they’re tenth in shots-on-goal(33) and sixth in passes(4,058). Furthermore, they’re conceding of just eight goals puts them third. The selling of Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez hasn’t helped the squad. The injuries to Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba just makes it harder. There are currently talks of acquiring veteran forward Mario Mandzukic from Juventus.

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has his hands full. He needs to look into all the talent available via the transfer market. Ryan Giggs, a former player and interim manager for Manchester United believes the club needs another five players. The club needs all the help it can get. Even if it means paying big money and/or selling players.

While it’s still early in the season, the time for shortcomings is at its end. The club is already at a major risk of failing to qualify for any European competition for the first time since the 2013-2014 season and relegation for the first time since the 1973-74 season.

At this point, even a draw is unacceptable. They can only settle for wins if they’re to save themselves from complete disarray. With an international break underway, the club has significant time to prepare for their next game. Their next opponent is Liverpool who’s at the top of the Premier League table with 24 points.

While the odds are against them against Liverpool, pulling off an upset is possible. Beating Liverpool would Manchester United’s first big step to saving their season and future.

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