MLS Playoffs: Three Takes On LAFC vs Los Angeles Galaxy

For the first time in club history, LAFC has defeated their arch cross-town rivals, the Los Angeles Galaxy. And what better way to do it than doing so in the MLS playoffs? LAFC is advancing to the Western Conference finals to face the Seattle Sounders. The winner advances to the 2019 MLS Cup final.

LAFC is currently in its second season. The founding of the club was five years ago. LAFC finishing the season with 72 points is an MLS single-season record. The club’s scoring of 85 goals ties the all-time scoring record for a club in one season. Furthermore, Carlos Vela, the club’s top star’s scoring of 34 goals is now the all-time record for most goals by a player in a season. Now, LAFC is one step closer to winning their first title.

Three Takes On The Match:

LAFC was determined: Despite the home-field advantage, LAFC knew they would be in for a big challenge. The Galaxy has a reputation of making things difficult for LAFC in the El Trafico rivalry. But LAFC vowed that they would not allow their cross-town rivals to eliminate them on their side of town.

LAFC spent the season making an impact. Winning games, setting records, gaining confidence with a positive playing mentality, LAFC could not afford to let it all go to waste. In addition, beating the Galaxy only boosts confidence and inspires LAFC to play better.

Vela & company showed a unique winning mentality. That’s the reason for their hard-fought win. Another winning aspect was bravery. Knowing the Galaxy was coming for a fight, LAFC decided to give them a fight, but not allow them to win.

Resiliency: The Galaxy has a habit of showing great resiliency. Overcoming a 2-0 deficit and tying the game with 35 minutes to go in regulation is their proof resiliency. However, LAFC’s third goal in the 66th minute thwarted the Galaxy’s brief triumph.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy’s lack of answers is the opening LAFC needed. Soon it was 4-2. The Galaxy added one more goal to make it 4-3, but LAFC’s fifth goal was the icing on the cake. Turns out LAFC had some resiliency of their own.

Entering the game with a 15-0-0 record when leading at half-time, the Galaxy were looking to change that only to be denied. Resiliency is a huge highlight of this match. However, in the Galaxy’s case, their resiliency was short-lived.

Carlos Vela vs Zlatan Ibrahimovic: A duel between the top stars of both clubs. Since coming onto the scene of MLS, Zlatan has made his presence largely known. Same thing with Vela. Both known for their prolific goal-scoring skills., they’ve both made an impact and their skills are legendary.

Vela and Zlatan’s combining of 64 goals during the regular season speaks for itself. It’s only fitting that they both make an impact in a rivalry playoff game as they both set the tone for their team.

A combined three goals by the two in this game allows them to both be the top scorers in this rivalry. Nine goals apiece.

With Zlatan and Vela both leading their attack respectively, this game would certainly be quite a thriller. Both guys can’t disappoint. However, in the end, only of the two stars could shine brighter. Vela went the extra mile to earn bragging rights.

Unfortunately, this may be the last time we see Vela and Zlatan square off in a Los Angeles derby. Zlatan’s contract is set to expire in December. He’s reportedly linked with Manchester United. M. United released him back in 2017.

Zlatan said he’s open to a return at Old Trafford. However, it’s all been rumors. No major reports between Zlatan and his former club have emerged, though. As far as Zlatan’s future goes, it’s been quiet.

The eight goals in this game tie the record for most goals in an MLS playoff game. In addition, it’s the first eight-goal playoff game since 1998.

LAFC’s conference final game against Seattle is on Tuesday, October 29th. Vela & company are looking to take further advantage of their home-field advantage. LAFC is hungry for its first title. Their two wins away from achieving the ultimate goal.

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