NFL: What Now For J.J. Watt?

The injury bug once again strikes a big blow to J.J. Watt‘s career. The injury is confirmed as a torn pectoral. As a result, Watt is out for the season. Furthermore, this season is going to be his third in the last four where he’s played for less than eight games.

Losing Watt is a major blow to the Houston Texans. Watt is more than a star play for the team, he’s a team’s captain. Aside from making an impact as a player, he excels as a mentor for younger players, and he sets the tone on defense. In other words, he’s a leader. And the team heavily relies on him due to the importance of his leadership.

Where Does Watt Go From Here?

First thing’s first, he needs to heal up. His injury requires surgery, so that’s the first step of the healing process. He’s in a situation he’s familiar with. He knows what it takes to recover and be 100 percent again. In other words, he’s had major injuries and he’s been able to return to football in time.

Unfortunately, like before, his ability to stay healthy is a cause for concern. However, at this point, all he can do is have the damage repaired and then begin the rehab process. With a head start in preparation for the 2020 season, Watt can come back more than 100 percent and in much better shape than before.

Due to Watt’s unique leadership skills, the Texans would love for him to be back on the sidelines as quickly as possible. But at the same time, they know and understand that he needs to recover. In other words, the loss of Watt hurts the entire Texans franchise. And they’re desperate to have him back.

Should Watt Consider Retirement?

His medical history speaks for itself. Since 2016, Watt’s dealt with injuries to his back and leg. Playing in just eight games between the 2016 and 2017 seasons, it’s obvious he’s injury-prone. His ability to being and staying healthy became a huge question mark. It still is, even though he was able to play the entire 2018 season without suffering any ill effects.

While Watt’s injury history is a cause for concern, Watt shouldn’t have to hang up the cleats just yet. While a torn pectoral is a nasty injury, it’s an injury he can recover from as long as the rehab process is successful. In addition, his injury doesn’t aggravate any past injuries. Regardless, another major injury just adds to his history, which affects his reputation.

Watt has been in the league for nine years. He’s done so much for the Texans organization. His future in the league largely depends on his health. If Watt manages to come back strong next season and stay healthy for the entire season and the next, it’ll be clear that he’s not ready for retirement.

However, if he suffers another season-ending injury within Houston’s first five games, then the time may come then. Due to his medical history, another major injury could prove that the sport has become too dangerous for him. Knowing Watt’s injury history, the sport has taken its toll on him. It’s possible that one more brutal hit can result in a permanent injury for Watt.

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