NBA: Luka Doncic’s Performance After First Ten Games

The 2019-20 NBA season is only just beginning, but certain players are already making quite an impact. One of these players is Luka Doncic. Doncic is in his second year in the league and he’s picking where he left off last season.

Ten games into the season, the Dallas Mavericks are 6-4. This season, they’re looking to start a new era of success. In other words, the franchise is looking to return to its old successful form. They are determined to become contenders for the NBA championship once again.

What Have We Seen From Luka So Far?

He dominates the court: Luka has a reputation for scoring points. He’s at 283 points for the season so far, which puts him in the top ten in the league. His averaging of 28.3 points per game, 95 field goals made, and 65 free throws made all put him in the top ten, as well.

Doncic is leading his team in points per game, as well as rebounds(10), and assists(9.1). As Dallas’ most explosive player, he has the role of leading the charge. Aside from scoring points, he excels with assists and rebounds. His 91 assists for the season so far is just another statistical accolade that puts him in the top ten. In addition, he has a 48.4 assist percentage.

Luka has really made himself a team player. He understands that Dallas can succeed when playing as a team. So far, he’s really excelled with triple-doubles, which is largely due to his ability to play with and trust his teammates. He’s dominated the court through the knowledge of teamwork.

He’s breaking records: He’s the first player under the age of 21 to register a triple-double within the first two games of the season. Last season, he broke the record of most triple-doubles by a player under 21. At the moment, Luka is continuing to build on that record. He’s currently at twelve career triple-doubles.

In Dallas’ 131-111 win against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Luka became the youngest player to record a 25-point triple-double in consecutive games. Luka is also the first player in NBA history to register at least 29 points, 15 assists, and 13 rebounds in back-to-back games.

On November 1st, against the Los Angeles Lakers, Luka along with LeBron James made history. They became the first opposing players to register a triple-double of 30-10-15. In addition, Luka and Lebron are the youngest and oldest players in history to register a 30-10-15 triple-double in the same game.

Furthermore, Luka now holds the record for most 30-point triple-doubles before the age of 21. Also, he’s now the Mavericks franchise leader for most 20-point triple-doubles with ten, surpassing Jason Kidd. In addition, he has more 30-point triple-double games than any other player in team history.

As of November 8th, he joins Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson as the only players in history to have at least 1,500 points with 500 assists and 500 rebounds within their first career 82 games. It’s quite clear that Luka now has a strong reputation for writing his name in the record books.

Continuing to improve:

Luka is still dealing with struggles in certain places. His three-point percentage of 32 speaks for itself. Furthermore, he’s in the top 10 in turnovers(45) and he continues to suffer woes on defense as his defensive win share is 0.4. In addition, his turnover percentage is 17.7.

On a positive note, his player efficiency is 28.7 and he has a win share of 1.6. So while Luka has weaknesses, he’s also got strength.

Overall, Luka is not a perfect player. Never in the history of the NBA has there ever been a perfect player. But in Luka’s case, struggles are part of the learning process. He has to know where he needs work and learn to improve.

Luka is still learning and has much to learn. However, so far, Luka has made tremendous progress in growing as an NBA player. It’s quite difficult for him to fully adapt to the NBA lifestyle, but he’ll eventually learn it and build on it.

His dominant start to the season shows how much he’s learned since his debut in the league. His continuing dominance only shows that he’s continuing to learn. In other words, Doncic is been putting all his learning into a test. That’s how he knows where he needs to improve.

The Mavericks have talent. However, they’ve yet to fully regain their groove, although their 6-4 start is their best since the 2015/16 season. Some progress is being made, but there are still a lot of holes to fill.

In Doncic’s case, he needs to continue making an impact on the court. The more positive results, the more he grows and improves as a player. It’s not just about his stats, it’s about his concentration and mentality.

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