Euro 2020: What Challenges Are In Store For Germany?

Germany has been on a very important mission since its disastrous World title defense in the 2018 World Cup. Finishing at the bottom of their group and crashing out of the group stage for the first time since 1938 was a total embarrassment. The national team is looking to redeem itself.

Germany’s first step to achieving redemption is having a successful run in Euro 2020. The qualifying phase went well. However, their performance at Euro 2020 will decide if Germany is back or not. Die Mannschaft is drawn into a group alongside France and Portugal.

Going against the current World Champions and defending European Champions gives Germany a tough challenge. However, a challenge is exactly what the team needs. When it comes to a challenge, if Germany overcomes the odds and wins, it motivates them and allows them to become a stronger team. In other words, a challenge is what gives Germany its strength.

What Challenges Are In Store For Die Mannschaft?

Pressure: It’s very rare to see Die Mannschaft crumble under pressure. However, that’s exactly what happened during their World title defense in Russia. Their infamous 2-0 loss to South Korea is the perfect proof of their succumbing to such immense pressure. Long story short, pressure struck a fatal blow to Germany.

There’s no doubt they’ll enter this tournament under strong pressure. This time, Germany needs to find ways to counter it. They can’t allow fate to repeat itself.

Preparation: Throughout history, Germany has shown the world it has a unique sense of concentration and winning mentality. Those are the reasons they’ve won the World cup four times and the Euro three times. It all disappeared in Russia in its title defense. Since their early exit from the World Cup, as part of their rebuilding process, Germany has searched for its two key quality aspects.

Seven wins and one loss for during qualification. Scoring 30 goals and only conceding seven. Very respectable run. However, it’s still too early to be sure how good Germany is. Germany will be tested during the tournament. Positive results will determine if the team is back to its winning form. It’s all a step-by-step rebuild process.

A good squad: It’s likely that some new players will be on the squad. The team has moved on from several veterans who represented Germany from 2010 to 2018. The national team is building its next golden generation.

Germany needs a team that’s ready to play. A team with concentration and a winning mentality. In addition, they need a well-disciplined team. In other words, they need to get their act together. The national team has no time to waste.

Germany is more eager than ever to put their disastrous 2018 World Cup title defense behind them and move on. Their 2018 World Cup run leaves a permanent stain on their jersey, but they can make up for it. They can work their way back up the top of the rankings. Euro 2020 is their start to the climbing of that rank mountain.

The tournament begins six months from now. Germany has all the time in the world to prepare. Euro 2020 is Germany’s opportunity to see the progress on the team’s rebuilding. The national team is determined to return to its well-known winning form.

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