Champions League: Can Paris Saint-Germain Advance To The Final Eight?

Paris Saint-Germain is one a very important mission; make a deep run in this year’s UEFA Champions League. The bigger objective; win it all. Due to the lack of finish in the past two years, PSG is under pressure. However, this time, they’re looking to get the job done.

PSG is taking on Borussia Dortmund. Dortmund, the winners of the 1996-97 Champions League have not made it to the final eight since the 2016-17 tournament. PSG, on the other hand, hasn’t advanced to the final eight since the 2015-16 tournament. In PSG’s case, their last three exits of the tournament have been in heart-breaking fashion. Same wh Dortmund. Both clubs are more to determined than ever to make an impact and prove their worthy contenders for the title.

PSG is coming off a very respectable campaign in the group stage. Starting with a 3-0 win against Real Madrid in their opening game and going undefeated, thus topping the group. Forcing 17 goals and conceding only two shows that PSG means business. The likes of Angel Di Maria, Kylian Mbappe, and Mauro Icardi made quite a statement in group play. Those three along with Neymar and Edinson Cavani make PSG the true potential favorite.

PSG is currently third in the tournament in goals scored with 17. Also, their attack has an 87 percent completion percentage with over 3,200 completed passes. Mbappe and Icardi each have ten goals. Marco Verratti has 439 passes, which puts him fifth in the tournament. PSG’s got a very well-organized passing attack that allows them to successfully penetrate through opposing midfielders and defenses. Their ability to pass and penetrate gives them their ability to score goals. That’s another reason why PSG has the potential to win it all.

Does PSG Have A Chance To Win The Champions League?

Absolutely. As long as they have a healthy and full-strengthed squad, they should be able to win both legs and advance to the quarterfinals. However, they can’t take Dortmund lightly. Dortmund managed to survive Barcelona and Inter Milan in their group stage run. During their group stage run, Dortmund did manage to hold Barcelona to 0-0 tie in the opening game, as well as pull off a hard-fought 3-2 win against Inter Milan to stay alive.

It seems that Dortmund has a sense of resiliency. What PSG has to keep in mind is that Dortmund is capable of anything. The first meeting is in Dortmund, which is good for PSG because that allows them the opportunity to take advantage of the away goal rule. In that case, PSG needs to a comfortable win in the first leg. Furthermore, they can’t allow Dortmund to take advantage of the away goal rule in the second leg in Paris. In other words, PSG must win both matches in good fashion and more importantly, they need to be ready for anything.

The first leg between PSG and Dortmund is on February 18th. PSG is a favorite to win the tournament, despite being an underdog. Looking to move on from the heartbreaking exits from the past three years, PSG knows that this is their big chance to right the wrongs.

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