How Important Is Amari Cooper To The Dallas Cowboys?

Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports

The Dallas Cowboys clearly have a lot of work to do this off-season. Now that Dallas has resolved the coaching staff dilemma, it’s time to focus on free agents. The likes of Byron Jones, Sean Lee, Tavon Austin, Randall Cobb, Robert Quinn, Jason Witten, and Anthony Brown are all set to become free agents. In addition, Dak Prescott is set to become a free agent, as well. However, aside from Prescott, no one can be more important than Amari Cooper.

The Cowboys traded a first-round draft pick to the Oakland Raiders for Cooper. Since coming on the scene in a Cowboys uniform, Cooper has made an impact. His statistics all speak for themselves, but it’s the type of player he’s developed into that truly excites the world. Aside from quickly becoming a fan favorite with the fans, Cooper became a very valuable asset to the team. Despite the disappointment from 2019, Cooper did his best. He’s done more than enough to earn his big payday.

Furthermore, it’s safe to say that Cooper is a top priority as far as free agents go for the Cowboys. That’s how important he is to the organization.

Cooper has a very bright future ahead of him. In Dallas’ case, it would be very catastrophic if Cooper were to sign elsewhere. Giving up a first-round draft pick only to keep for a short amount of time would be a crucial mistake in Dallas’ part. Cooper’s skills and expertise fit well with Dallas’ offensive scheme. He along with Michael Gallup make a fine dynamic duo. Cooper with Gallup alongside Cobb, Ezekiel Elliott, and Prescott gives Dallas the potential of having one of the most dominant offenses in NFL history. That being said, Cooper is too important and valuable of an asset for Dallas to pass on. In other words, Dallas can’t afford to lose him.

The Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills, and Philadelphia Eagles are all considered potential landing spots for Cooper aside from the Cowboys. While Cooper said he won’t rush contract talks with Dallas, the Cowboys ought to have a deal done before free agency begins. In other words, they need to sign him before someone else does. In Dallas’ case, the last they need is for Cooper to sign with Philadelphia.

Furthermore, Cooper expressed his desire to stay in Dallas. His desire to remain with the Cowboys shows his motivation. Signing him to a long-term deal only motivates him further. A player with motivation is what Dallas needs.

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