What Now For Manchester City?

Manchester City is officially banned from competing in the UEFA Champions League for two years. The club has been found guilty of breaching the Financial Fair Play rules. Manchester City is also barred from the Europa League, as well. The punishment also includes a fine of €30 million.

The club is appealing the suspension. However, in Manchester City’s case, the situation appears to be worsening because the club is facing a points deduction in the Premier League. Unfortunately, it may be the beginning of a long and very stressful nightmare for Manchester City.

Where Does Manchester City Go From Here?

It’s simply just bad luck for the club. In the past two years, Manchester City had the potential and was more than capable of winning the tournament. However, as luck would have it, they would suffer elimination in the quarterfinals. Manchester City would crack under pressure and ultimately fall short. It’s very clear that the club had the talent but not the mentality. Now that they won’t be competing in the tournament for two years, it’s only more back luck.

Manchester City has no choice but to face the music. If their appeal fails, then they have no choice but to serve the suspension and prepare for the future. The club is preparing to square off against Real Madrid in the Round of 16 of this season’s Champions League tournament. Manchester City is facing a team that is looking to avenge its humiliating elimination from last season. Without a doubt, despite Real Madrid’s struggles, Manchester City is in for a big challenge.

Aside from the increase in bad luck, Manchester City is now under even more pressure. The two reasons for the club’s elimination in the past two tournaments are back to haunt them once again. But Manchester City has to face its fears and do their best to overcome the insurmountable odds. In other words, they can’t give up without a fight.

As far as where Manchester City goes from here is simple; they have to make the best of this season’s tournament. Despite the bad luck and heavy pressure, they might as well go down swinging. In other words, although the future isn’t so bright, they can’t allow themselves to be simply be pushed all over the pitch. At this point, the club has absolutely nothing to lose.

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