Dallas Cowboys: What To Expect From Ezekiel Elliott In 2020?

Ezekiel Elliott is entering the second year of his blockbuster contract. After a very disappointing 2019 season, which the Dallas Cowboys finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs. It’s the dawn of a new coaching era in Dallas. The team is attempting to piece itself back together. For Elliott, he’s entering his prime and 2020 can be his best season so far.

Elliott rushed for 1,357 yards on 301 carries, scoring 12 touchdowns, averaging about five yards per carry. However, going eight games with less than 100 rushing yards, including four with under 50 yards doesn’t look good on Elliott. The entire team was in complete disarray and has a lot to make up for this coming season. In Elliott’s case, he’s going to be heavily depended on and he’s to play a significant offensive role for the Cowboys. In other words, there are big expectations for him.

What Are The Expectations For Elliott This Coming Season?

First and foremost, he needs to arrive at training camp healthy and in good shape. Full participation in training will help him be ready for Dallas’ opening game. Last season, Elliott had many bad plays on running routes and participation at training camp will help work on what he needs improvement on. In addition, he’ll even have his teammates help him with what he needs to work on. Long story short, full participation at training camp will do him good as long as he arrives in perfect form. He’s a valuable asset to the Cowboys and they need positive results from him. If all goes well, he’ll be motivated, confident, and most of all, he’ll be hungry. And that’s what the Cowboys want from him.

Believe it or not, Elliott is facing some competition this off-season. His backup Tony Pollard put up a decent and respectable performance last season, although he too had struggles. Under the leadership of new Head Coach Mike McCarthy, heavy competition is taking place at training camp in all positions. In Elliott’s case, he too must earn the starting role. That being said, another expectation is for him to earn the starting role.

Last but not least, he’s expected to dominate the gridiron. Obviously, he’s not going to be perfect on every play, but he’s perfectly capable of going the extra distance and dominating the opposing defenses. In addition, he needs to rely on a healthy and good offensive line. It’s obvious Elliott can’t do it all by himself. But as long as his blockers provide for him, he can do his part and then everybody wins. It’s all about teamwork. However, in Elliott’s case, he needs to make sure he runs his route correctly that way the blocking and running game maintains a good offensive rhythm.

It’s time for Elliott to give the Cowboys their money’s worth. In other words, now that Elliott has what he wanted, it’s time for him to keep his end of the deal, and that’s put up positive results and help Dallas make the playoffs and be serious contenders for the Super Bowl.

Coming into the 2020 season, Elliott is one of the top 10 running backs. That’s why there are heavy expectations for him.

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