Champions League: Is It All Over For Real Madrid?

Real Madrid‘s first leg against Manchester City in the 2019-2020 UEFA Champions League Round of 16 didn’t go as planned. Losing the first leg sees the 13-time champions on the verge of elimination from the tournament in the Round of 16 for the second consecutive year.

The loss of Eden Hazard already put Real Madrid in a big predicament. Losing to Manchester City in humiliating and frustrating fashion makes it worse. In addition, team captain Sergio Ramos is not participating in the second leg due to a red card. For Real Madrid, their situation is literally getting worse by the minute. The club is going through difficult times and they can’t seem to catch a break. In other words, the club is in disarray and the future doesn’t appear to be very bright.

What’s Going On With The Team?

There’s a lot of frustration within the club. In addition, there lacking passion and motivation. Furthermore, they’re struggling to back into their groove, which means they’re also lacking confidence. At this point, to say that the team is a mess would be a major understatement.

The results of the first leg show Real Madrid’s crumbling under pressure and inability to finish the job. In addition, Real Madrid’s poor choice of making crucial mistakes at crucial times only shows how disoriented the team appears to be.

In Real Madrid’s case, it’s useless to point the finger manager Zinedine Zidane or anyone else for the loss and struggles. It’s a team effort and they failed as a team. Furthermore, they’ll have to regroup and win as a team. Teamwork is Real Madrid’s true key to success. Long story short, Real Madrid must focus on the future rather than the past.

Is It All Over For Real Madrid?

There’s still one more leg to go. So no, it’s not over. Unfortunately, Manchester City has the advantage, especially because they took advantage of the away goals rule. However, with the second leg in Manchester, Real Madrid gets the chance to take advantage of the away goals rule. Real Madrid will have to keep a clean sheet in order to keep their chances of advancing alive.

At this point, it’s up to Real Madrid if whether or not they win or not. They do have a chance, but as far as winning goes, it is entirely up to them. If they can get their act together, there’s no doubt they can defy all the odds and silence their critics.

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