NCAA Basketball: Always Bet on Blue

The year was 1992, the movie was “Passenger 57”. The movie starred Wesley Snipes and the famous phrase was, “always bet on black.” When it comes to the NCAA tournament, fans should play it safe and bet on blue.

Since the field has expanded to 64 teams and then 68 blue schools have won 22 championships. That number could be raised to 23 depending on who you are talking to. The University of Virginia‘s school colors is blue and orange.

If  Virginia counts as a blue school then the last six winners of the national title have been blue schools. NCAA tournaments takes blue bloods to a whole new meaning. The next best color when it comes to the winner is red with seven winners coming from red schools.

If picking a winner based upon color is something worth taking a chance on, fans are better off betting on the blue. The NCAA top 25 rankings include 10 schools that are blue colored schools with Kansas sitting at number one.

When looking at a team holding the trophy at the end of the season, it’s safe to say it is because of their athletism or basketball IQ. In addition, it may due to their desire to win or great coaching staff. Furthermore, it may simply just be the BLUE.

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