US Men’s Basketball: What The 2020 Olympic Roster Should Be

The world needs to know that the United States Men’s National Basketball team are still kings of basketball. The 2019 FIBA World Championship was disappointing for the US as they finished 7th in the tournament. However, the US Men’s Basketball team is qualified for the 2020 Olympics.

The USA has won the last three Olympics games and placed 3rd at the 2004 Athens games. The 2004 games were the only time in the professional era (starting in 1992) that the USA has not left with the Olympic gold. With the Olympics approaching this summer, the USA should bring the best possible team to show that they’re still the best in the world and that they can win the gold again.

As always, the US Men’s Basketball Team needs a fully-strengthed, experienced, and healthy team. Another important aspect is discipline. Their goal is to win Olympic Gold for the fourth straight time. They’re going to need as much talent and muscle as possible.

Here’s a preview of what Team USA’s roster should be:

Steph Curry
Kyrie Irving
Paul George
James Harden
Bradley Beal
Chris Paul

LeBron James
Kevin Love
Jayson Tatum
Anthony Davis
Kawhi Leonard
Andre Drummond

This team is not lacking in any category and with the leadership of Chris Paul and Lebron James, their experience at the international level will play a major factor.

WIthout a doubt, the US Men’s Basketball Team should be heavily favored to win it all. Their skill, talent, team chemistry, and most all, their experience will be part of their success and dominance.

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