Champions League: Can Paris Saint-Germain Survive The Quarter-finals?

Paris Saint-Germain is advancing to the Champions League quarterfinals for the first time since the 2015-2016 tournament. This is the sixth time in the club’s history that they’ve reached the final eight. That’s the most of any French club. Now PSG is looking to advance to the semi-finals for the first time since the 1994-1995 season.

Coming up short in the first leg, PSG was under some pressure. Looking at how PSG has exited the tournament in the past three seasons, luck really wasn’t on their side. However, finishing with a 2-0 win on home soil in the second leg, allowed them to advance on a 3-2 aggregate score. All it took was resiliency, team chemistry, and mentality because Borussia Dortmund was coming for everything PSG had. This time PSG finally found a way to make it through the Round of 16.

Dortmund’s intentions were to simply expose PSG’s weaknesses and take advantage. However, PSG turned the tables over and exposed Dortmund’s weakness. Dortmund’s inability to put the ball into the net proved futile on their part. In PSG’s case, they needed a clean sheet and not allow Dortmund to take advantage of the away goals rule. Neymar played a significant role in the Round of 16, scoring two goals. Perhaps the time has come for him to prove that he help PSG succeed.

Can PSG Survive The Quarter-finals?

Now that they’ve avenged their last three heart-breaking exits, their confidence and motivation level can only go up. However, the only hope is that PSG doesn’t become arrogant in the process. PSG has momentum and they have to build on it. It would be bad on PSG’s part if all that momentum were to go to waste. So, yes, PSG is capable of survival, however, it’s up to them whether they do or not. Regardless of how they encounter in the quarter-finals, PSG needs to be at least one step ahead of their opponent.

For PSG, they need to continue to be very solid on defense. In addition, they need to be very effective on the attack, meaning they have to score goals, but not concede any. Their three main keys to victory are resiliency, mentality, and team chemistry. PSG has the necessary talent to succeed, but the question is whether or not they can put the talent to good use. So far in Champions League play, they have put their talent through some good and effective use, which now begs the question, can they keep doing it? Only PSG can truly answer that question.

PSG will find out their next opponent on March 20th. Regardless of who it is, they need to come into the first leg 100 percent ready. PSG has to stay hot at all costs.

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