Analyzing New England’s Signing of Cam Newton

Cam Newton has signed with the New England Patriots. After the shocking departure of Tom Brady, the question on everyone’s mind was who would be the man to take the helm of the Pats offense. It seems like that the 2010 Heisman Trophy Winner and #1 overall draft pick in the 2011 NFL Draft is the guy that’s going to do it.

Newton spent nine years with the Carolina Panthers. He broke numerous franchise and NFL records. In 2015, he was the league’s Most Valuable Player and led the Panthers to the Super Bowl. After his MVP season, Newton soon began struggling with injuries, particularly with his shoulder, which would affect his playing ability. Last season, he only appeared in two games, missing significant time due to a foot injury.

The Panthers attempted to trade Newton but to no avail. As a result, on March 24th, Newton was officially released by the Panthers.

How Does This Move Benefit Newton?

This move gives Newton a chance to redeem himself and salvage his career. Overall, this is a much-needed opportunity for him to get back on track as far as being one of the best quarterbacks in the league goes.

In Newton’s case, he has to stay healthy. At this point in his career, his health is the biggest cause for concern. But at the end of the day, Newton has what he needs; a chance.

How Does This Move Benefit The Patriots?

The Patriots desperately needed a quarterback. But not just any quarterback. A quarterback with experience. In that case, a rookie doesn’t cut it. A veteran quarterback would be exactly what they need. Veteran quarterback Brian Hoyer is part of the QB trio, however, the Patriots obviously feel that Newton’s expertise is useful and worth a shot.

Signing Newton is an effective move. As far as whether or not, it’s a good move, that remains to be seen. It depends if Newton can stay healthy and play effective football. In other words, it’s about the results they get. However, Newton’s not guaranteed to be the starter. Hoyer and Newton will compete for the starting job. Second-year QB Jarrett Stidham will also be part of the competition.

Newton’s contract is a one-year deal. In addition, it’s worth $7.5 million. However, it’s not guaranteed. The contract is incentive-laden. New England can’t afford to take a huge risk with this sort of gamble. If Newton does well enough, he may be awarded a new deal. For the moment, there’s no guarantee about Newton’s future with the Patriots.

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