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Providing insight into today’s topics, Unfiltered Access gives a unique outlook into sports, music, and pop-culture. As a team, Unfiltered Access provides exclusive interviews and analysis into topics that are rarely seen elsewhere.

Unfiltered Access seeks to not only find the best inside exclusives and feature stories but to go beyond the box-score with in-depth analysis. With an aim to highlight the stories within the story, Unfiltered Access provides the most direct and compelling content for its audience.


The aim of Unfiltered Access is to provide guests with coverage and insight without any restraints. We feature content that goes beyond the headline and sheds light on those responsible for driving sport and entertainment.


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Samuel Berger, currently residing in New York, Samuel is an Associate Producer for NBC, a beat reporter for the Buffalo Bills, covered special events such as SBLI and the NFL Draft, and worked in the government sector.

Samuel Berger – Founder

DeVaughn Townes, currently pursuing a degree in Communication Studies has worked many roles in the media. Residing in Los Angeles, DeVaughn has been an editor for Pro Player Insiders and covered special events like SBLI.

DeVaughn Townes – Founder