France’s Path to the Euro 2020

France won the World Cup this past summer, but if they want to become a dynasty the Euro Cup is a start.


Paris Saint-Germain’s Keys to Victory against Liverpool

Paris Saint-Germain’s Group stage campaign in this season’s UEFA Champions League tournament has been stressful, to say the least. The team finds themselves at great risk of not advancing to the knockout stage and being relegated to the Europa league or being out of contention period. They have two games left to play in the…

PSG-Napoli Preview

What should you expect between PSG and Napoli in the UEFA Champions League?

What Now for Real Madrid?

After sacking their manager, Real Madrid has a huge void to fill if they want to right their wrongs.

UEFA Champions League Outlook

In the new season’s UEFA Champions League, might we see a new champion crowned with Real Madrid no longer housing Cristiano Ronaldo? #

Did the World Cup Signal the Death of Baseball?

Did the 2018 World Cup kill Major League Baseball? A question that would have been ludicrous as recent as 10 years ago now isn’t so far-fetched. Is America’s favorite pastime – past its time? It has been no secret that baseball is suffering from a serious identity crisis. In a world of change, baseball has…