NFL: Evaluating the 2018 NFC Draft Class

After two years in the league, there is sufficient evidence to evaluate the NFL players drafted in 2018. One season is often not enough, and sometimes two does not suffice either. Yet, for many players, they are already making names for themselves or running out of chances. This evaluation will focus on the players drafted…


NFL: Super Bowl Preview

In Super Bowl LIV, we have two dynamically different teams with contrasting strengths and philosophies. Representing the AFC are the Kansas City Chiefs, who have one of the best passing attacks of the last decade, led by their Quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Representing the NFC are the San Francisco 49ers, a defensive juggernaught and run-first Offense….

NFL: NFC Championship Game

With one game between the remaining teams and the Super Bowl, the Championship round will decide who represents each Conference. In the NFC, the top two seeds face off in San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers, who knocked out each other’s divisional rivals in Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings. While the 49ers boast one…