NBA: Christmas Day Matchups

This past Monday, the 12th of August, the NBA released its 2019-20 season schedule. And with all the movement of players to different teams that has gone on this past offseason, there are a number of intriguing matchups. But as per usual the NBA saved a large offering of marquee games for Christmas Day, when…

Winners and Losers In A Newly-Balanced NBA

After the craziest offseason in league history, parity has been restored to the NBA. Check out who I think are some of the biggest winners and losers of the major shakeup of player movement

NBA: 10 Biggest What-Ifs In NBA History

The NBA has seen some of the greatest what-ifs in all of sports. Here are 10 of the biggest ones in NBA history. What do you think? What big what-if do you think should’ve been on the list?

NBA:How do the Golden State Warriors Get to the Finals

The Golden State Warriors will attempt to reach their fifth consecutive finals by beating the Portland Trail Blazers in the Conference Finals starting this week. The Warriors have had the wood on the Blazers in their recent match-ups, beating them in both 2016 and 2017. First two rounds The @warriors strike first in the Western…

NBA: Western Conference Semi Finals, Golden State vs. Houston

The first round series are all but done and dusted now. This means the Western Conference Semi Finals are already upon us. Lets dive into these match-ups and see what each team is bringing to their respective contest. Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets The Warriors are coming off a six-game series as they defeated…