Champions League: Making Sense Of Real Madrid vs Manchester City

Real Madrid and Manchester City are set to square off in the Round of 16 of this year’s UEFA Champions League. They both have one desire; to win the Champions League title. The two heavyweights are looking to make a deep run into the tournament’s knockout stage. Furthermore, they’re both hoping to make an impact….


Champions League: Three Takes On Paris Saint-Germain vs Real Madrid

Paris Saint-Germain opens its 2019/20 UEFA Champions League campaign on good terms. They begin with a surprising and dominant 3-0 win against Real Madrid. As for Real Madrid, they lose their opening Champions League game for the first time since 2006. Both clubs are on a mission. They’re looking to rectify their failures from last…

World Cup: Top 10 Teams

Too early to rank teams for the World Cup? No way. Here is a list of the top 10 teams in the tournament…