NFL: What the Antonio Brown Trade Means for the Raiders

There is no denying that bringing a receiver like Brown aboard with a coach like Gruden may very well end up backfiring for the Raiders. Regardless of what happens, the Raiders last season in Oakland will surely be worth watching.


NFL: 5 Teams Ready To Win The Offseason

The 2019 offseason will undoubtedly have ripple effects across the NFL. Bottom-dwellers can turn into contenders and middle-of-the-road teams can make a big jump. Through the draft and free agency, teams can re-position themselves and turn the tides of their franchise. There are many teams that are vying to do this in 2019. Here are…

NFL: Fantasy Waiver Wire Gems

Every fantasy football league has some players that were expected to be stars. However, the fantasy playoff contenders and champs have Waiver Wire Gems.  For a player to be considered a Waiver Wire Gem, they must have been picked up off the waiver wire. To be picked off the waiver wire, they must be an undrafted…