NFL: What Now For J.J. Watt?

The injury bug once again strikes a big blow to J.J. Watt‘s career. The injury is confirmed as a torn pectoral. As a result, Watt is out for the season. Furthermore, this season is going to be his third in the last four where he’s played for less than eight games. Losing Watt is a…


NFL: Why an 18-Game Schedule Would Be a Bad Move

In an attempt to increase their profits and grow the game, the NFL has recently explored moving from a 16-game season to an 18-game season. One way it has been envisioned working is to have players take part in 16 games, with a minimum 2 game rest. Potentially, Quarterbacks would be exempt from this so…

Houston, We Have A Problem

The Houston Texans have quietly been one of the more disappointing teams in the NFL during this early part of the season.