Things Need To Change

When COVID 19 hit it was not taken as seriously as it should have been. Then when businesses closed and sports were taken away everybody knew it was a serious matter at hand. This country has been battling something more serious than COVID 19. That would be racial injustices. Racial tensions in the world have…

Winners and Losers In A Newly-Balanced NBA

After the craziest offseason in league history, parity has been restored to the NBA. Check out who I think are some of the biggest winners and losers of the major shakeup of player movement

How the Golden State Warriors Can Win the Title

The Golden State Warriors wrapped up their four game sweep of the Portland Trail Blazers last week, a dominant performance by the defending champions giving them a nine day rest before the Finals begin. Conference Finals Competition [kämpəˈtiSH(ə)n] noun A situation in which someone is trying to win something. — Golden State Warriors (@warriors)…

NBA: 10 Biggest What-Ifs In NBA History

The NBA has seen some of the greatest what-ifs in all of sports. Here are 10 of the biggest ones in NBA history. What do you think? What big what-if do you think should’ve been on the list?

NBA: Three Takes On Luka Doncic’s Rookie Year

Luka Doncic‘s first season in the NBA is in the books. Coming off a thriller of a season, the 20-year-old Slovenian sensation is preparing for his first full NBA off-season. A new golden generation is rising in the Dallas Mavericks organization. Doncic is the forefront of the new era. On April 9th, Dirk Nowitzki announced…

NBA: Should the New Orleans Pelicans Re-locate?

The New Orleans Pelicans have not had the best few weeks. Recently, superstar Anthony Davis demanded a trade as voiced his opinion that he has no desire to re-sign. If the team were to trade Davis, should they just move elsewhere? When it comes to attendance the Pelicans have been anything but outstanding in that…

NBA: Realistic Options for the Knicks this summer

The New York Knicks took their future by the scruff of the neck in this past week, in what was a wild week in the league they traded their franchise player Kristaps Porzingis. Still rehabbing from a torn ACL, Porzingis was traded to the Dallas Mavericks with Tim Hardaway Jr., Courtney Lee and Trey Burke….