NFL: Mock Draft (No Trades)

With around one month until the 2020 NFL Draft, there’s a clearer picture of team needs. On this side of Free Agency and with time for more evaluation of prospects, it gets a little easier to mock players to teams. In this mock draft, no trades will happen. But view the Trades/Hypothetical Mock Draft to…


NFL: Super Bowl Preview

In Super Bowl LIV, we have two dynamically different teams with contrasting strengths and philosophies. Representing the AFC are the Kansas City Chiefs, who have one of the best passing attacks of the last decade, led by their Quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Representing the NFC are the San Francisco 49ers, a defensive juggernaught and run-first Offense….

NFL: Non-Playoff Teams With Bright Futures

“There’s always next year.” It’s the classic mentality of the losing team’s fan. It’s how they stay sane while they mull over a lost season.  Often times, it comes from a place of unrealistic optimism. For these teams though, next year could actually prove to be more fruitful than last. Cleveland Browns Two words. Baker…