NFL: How The Jets Can Win The Offseason

Here are the four key moves the Jets can make to win the offseaon


NFL: What’s Next for Le’Veon Bell?

The never-ending saga of Le’Veon Bell comes with a continued look at where he could end up. After not playing a year and the conflict with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bell is looking for a new home. He turned down a five-year $70 million contract from his old team because $30 million wasn’t enough in guaranteed…

Mission Impossible: Teams That Could Land Bell and Brown

The Pittsburgh Steelers mishandled Le’Veon Bell the minute training camp began and they are mishandling Antonio Brown. They treated LVB like he was nothing more than a complementary piece to Big Ben, causing him to become a free agent. Now, Brown wants out. The body language between AB and Big Ben was negative all season….

NFL: Biggest Fantasy Disappointments

Every fantasy football league has some players that were expected to be stars. Some players fail to rise to the occasion and leave fantasy owners with a sour taste in their mouth. For a player to be considered a true fantasy disappointment, they must have been drafted relatively high in drafts.  While players drafted in the…

NFL: The Steelers Win, But Still Have Serious Concerns

Once the powerhouse of the NFL, and team to be feared, the Pittsburgh Steelers have slowly fallen apart. That’s right the Steelers just haven’t been that vaunted team they once were. Despite winning two Super Bowls in the Roethlisberger era, you can just see that this team just isn’t the same as they once were….

NFL: 4 Surprise AFC Teams

Every year in the NFL, there are teams that surprise and exceed expectations. Whether it’s teams everyone expected to be good that end up being bad or teams that were expected to be bad that end up being good. Time and time again, it feels like the NFL just wants to gently remind its fans…

Top 10 Running Backs in the NFL

Despite being a “passing league”, the running back position is still very relevant in the NFL. The shift from big bruising power backs to a more athletic type of back is evident with this list. Here are the top-10 running backs in the NFL today: 1. Le’Veon Bell (Pittsburgh Steelers) Hands down, Bell is a player…