NFL Week 1: Team Tiers

Playing in the NFL is like trying to climb Mt. Everest. Without the right preparation, and the stars aligning, it is almost impossible to get very far. Many people get to base camp, but not much further, for one reason or another. Only the best and most prepared make it all the way to the…


NFL: The State of Backup Quarterbacks

There is an old adage in the NFL: you’re only as good as your backup Quarterback. There are various iterations of this, such as, ‘the second most important player is the backup QB.’ Four case studies will help us determine the state of the second most important position in the NFL. Washington Redskins: The Starter…

NFL: Quarterbacks on the Hot Seat in 2019

Every season, players and coaches are under pressure of losing their starting position, or face being replaced at seasons’ end. Quarterbacks are no exception. In 2019, these QBs are the ones whose days are numbered. 1. Andy Dalton For years now, the question has been asked as to whether Andy Dalton can take the Cincinnati…

NFL: The Wild Wild AFC West

Reigning Champs of The West Can the Kansas City Chiefs, repeat winning the conference? The Chiefs lost to eventual Super Bowl Champions the New England Patriots 37-31 in the conference championship. After being one of the most productive offenses in the league, the Chiefs were unable to score in the first half of the game….

Best Throwback Jersey in Professional Sports

Any team is incomplete without some sort of uniform. Every team has their own unique look whether that’s on the court, ice or playing field. As time goes on some franchises evolve and change up their look. Some teams have had great jersey designs from the past so great that they eventually bring them back….

NFL: Potential New York Jets GM Candidates

After firing Mike Maccagnan as their General Manager, the New York Jets began the search for his replacement. A few names surfaced quickly, but after going through three GMs in the last seven years, they need to get this hire right. Complicating matters is new Head Coach Adam Gase, who seems to be intent on…

NFL: Which Undrafted Free Agents Could Make the Final Rosters in the NFC?

Every year following the draft, teams continue to add prospects in the hopes they become a contributor on the team. Kurt Warner, Adam Thielen, and Philip Lindsay are all former Undrafted Free Agents, and what each team hopes they gain. Sometimes these UDFAs make the roster for a year or two, before becoming journeyman players….

NFL: NFC West Team Needs

The gap between the best and worst in the NFC West last season couldn’t have been wider. The division winner, the Los Angeles Rams, made the Super Bowl, while the division loser had the worst record in the league. In between was another playoff team, and a team who was plagued with injuries who also…