NBA: 2018 Playoff Teams That Will Fall Short in 2019

A lot can change in the span of one year in the NBA. We can see players get traded or sign elsewhere as well as new players come into the league. Then, there is the matter of team success on a year-to-year basis. There were some teams that made the playoffs in 2018. Right now,…

NBA: Are the Timberwolves better-off without Jimmy Butler?

immy Butler infamously defeated the Timberwolves’ starting unit with a group of backups and publicly expressed his frustration in an interview with Rachel Nichols. This came after Butler had already made comments about his teammates’ work ethic dating back to last season.

The Unicorn Complex

Like Devin Booker, is it safe to say that Karl-Anthony Towns and Kristaps Porzingis are franchise cornerstones?

Western Conference Draft Grades

The 2018 NBA Draft was pretty much what everyone expected through the first two picks until Atlanta and Dallas decided to shake things up at three. From there, things started to get interesting . Indeed, the Western conference welcomed in an influx of talent too. There were some surprises as Denver watched maybe the best…