NFL: The Jets Are Now The Better New York Football Team

The Jets have always been the secondary football team in New York. However, after a year-plus of moves from both sides, the tides may have finally turned against the Giants.


NFL: Are the Browns AFC North Favorites?

It’s the season of optimism and being way too overconfident about products we haven’t seen materialize on the field yet. However, that’s not going to stop anyone making predictions about who is going to be good and who isn’t and one of those teams that will continually be in the mix is the Cleveland Browns. Making…

NFL: Who Owns New York?

With three teams all within the same state, football rivalries in New York can get competitive to say the least. There are three teams all vying for that top spot and bragging rights. The question to be asked is: Who are the true kings of New York? New York Jets Done deal for @teddyb_h2o. →…