NFL: Making Sense of Antonio Brown’s Trade Request

What’s Brown looking for? Antonio Brown requested a chance to be traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers, according to Jason La Canfora. This, of course, sent the NFL world into a whirlwind of speculation. Before looking at potential landing spots for AB, let’s take a look at the mess that has preceded this request. Steelers struggle…


Mission Impossible: Teams That Could Land Bell and Brown

The Pittsburgh Steelers mishandled Le’Veon Bell the minute training camp began and they are mishandling Antonio Brown. They treated LVB like he was nothing more than a complementary piece to Big Ben, causing him to become a free agent. Now, Brown wants out. The body language between AB and Big Ben was negative all season….

NFL: The Steelers Win, But Still Have Serious Concerns

Once the powerhouse of the NFL, and team to be feared, the Pittsburgh Steelers have slowly fallen apart. That’s right the Steelers just haven’t been that vaunted team they once were. Despite winning two Super Bowls in the Roethlisberger era, you can just see that this team just isn’t the same as they once were….

Who’s In and Who’s Out: AFC Playoffs

The 2017 NFL season saw the NFC loaded with talent as opposed to the AFC who saw the Buffalo Bills sneak into the playoffs. This season, however, the AFC and NFC both seem to be on equal playing ground. Unfiltered Access discussed who is playoff bound in the NFC, but what about the AFC? New England Patriots…

NFL: 4 Surprise AFC Teams

Every year in the NFL, there are teams that surprise and exceed expectations. Whether it’s teams everyone expected to be good that end up being bad or teams that were expected to be bad that end up being good. Time and time again, it feels like the NFL just wants to gently remind its fans…