NBA: Four Teams That Can Pull-Off Upsets In The Playoffs

The NBA Playoffs have provided plenty of upsets over the years. Here are four teams that I think will cause havoc in the playoffs and possibly win a few series:


NBA: Top 10 Dunks of the Year

NBA fans are spoiled year after year getting to watch what the high-flyers of the league have to offer us when it comes to dunks. Nothing has changed this year as the dunks have been nothing short of spectacular. From LeBron James to James Harden to Russell Westbrook, it’s been amazing to see what they’re…

NBA Contracts: The Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic have been in rebuild mode since Dwight Howard left in 2012. The team is still recovering from the dreadful 2016 summer when the cap went up $20 million and some of the worst contracts ever were signed. After years of lottery picks the Magic are looking trying to find a way to…